Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Who puts the rocks in the river?

I love this picture. Peter took it while fishing this week.  This is what the Yellowstone River looks like in places.

Yes, there is still water in the river, it's just not very high from this perspective.  What will happen soon is that all the moisture (i.e snow and spring rainfall) will start to fill the rivers back up to higher levels and we you will see images of what you usually imagine the rivers looking like.   They are totally fishable now, floatable in pretty much all places and quite lovely.  But, it's a fun time of year to see parts of the lower parts of the riverbed before they are swallowed up by beautiful fresh mountain spring and runoff water!

We love the mountains!  It's quite an amazing system!

This picture and post makes me think of all the funny things people ask and say when they visit (that haven't spent much time in the mountains, and for some, outside -- like ever).

My favorite questions are:

Wow, those river rocks, do they have to refill them each year before the summer?  Who does that?

So, we just floated, did we float in a circle?

So elk are just really old deer?

At what elevation do deer become elk?

How many trout are in this section of the river?

What happens if we see a bear from our boat?  You can read a great story, an oldy by a goody, about that here.

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