Monday, July 4, 2011

What does summer look like?

In a few pictures, I hope you can see, smell and hear our summer ... Life is so good.

Friends, snow cones, dancing and sun ... Farmers Market every Wednesday

Backyard play with our favorite friends (aka, momma's get to visit while the kids play)

Sweetest girls ever and Camille is my GOD DAUGHTER - so proud!

I am really trying for pig tails.  Here she is "fishing"

MUST walk the dogs on a leash whenever possible... Oh, and wear her helmet even though she isn't even on her bike anymore!

Summer = beautiful babies!  I heart Brody Davidson!

Mattie LOVES babies, and has, has, has to feed and hold them... Oh so gently with lots of kisses in between.

Summer means HIGH water!   This is the Yellowstone at about 36,000 CFS!  Gaucho doesn't seem to care. 


Meg Taylor said...

your backyard looks super cute!!!!

Sally O'Connor said...

Love the pics of our sweet girls! Notice all the rocks, etc. in the kiddie pool. So funny! Love you:).

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