Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Highschool Reunion and Vomit

I got the best call last week.  One of my best friends from high school, Christina (formerly Barnes) was going to be in Jackson Hole with her family for the week and wanted to meet up ... when else would she be this close to Montana?  I was THRILLED!  There is something so fun and comforting about seeing old friends - especially the ones that you crafted SO many of your best memories with. 

I jumped at the chance!  Mattie and I left the house at about 6:30 to get on the road.  Mattie proceeded to narrate everything she saw along our drive... Using full thoughts and sentences it was something like this, "That is the river.  The river is big.  I don't go in the river, ok?   But there is a elk and a buffalo.  Don't go in the river, ok?  It is FAST!"   I guess she IS paying attention when I tell her to be careful of the water!  

We talked all about what animals she wanted to see - the usual suspects were mentioned.  Buffalo, elk, bear, moose, birds, and then ... a blue pig.   We looked hard for that one, no such luck today.  They must be hibernating or something.

She had milk and a biscuit for breakfast on the trip down.  She broke her ramblings about buffalo eating flowers and blue pigs to throw up for the 3rd time in her entire life just as we were in the heart of Yellowstone.  It was EVERYWHERE!  Picture this - I am on the side of Lava Creek in Yellowstone, stripping Mattie down to bare nakedness (while gagging), shaking the chunks of curdled milk in the car seat into the grass (while gagging) and wiping down as much as I could with McDonalds napkins, baby wipes and the one bottle of water I had in the car.   Yes folks, it was going to be 90 degrees that day and I was going to be in a car with cooking milk vomit!  I didn't care... I was going to see my old friend... Onward we went.

The Gibbon River, Yellowstone National Park
Apparently I was a bit too excited about the meeting, because about 20 minutes after I soiled the pristine waters of Yellowstone with remnants of puke, I saw flashing lights in my rear view mirror.  Oh, yes, I was being pulled over by a PARK RANGER!   He said I was going 45 in a 35.  I am not sure I believe him, but I didn't argue.   I waiting in my pukie car for TWENTY MINUTES while he ran my license through the system.  After 10 minutes I was convinced my identity had been stolen and he was cross checking my ID number with some sort of illegal or felon.   I was pretty sure I was going to going to jail (National Park Jail) - wearing clothes that smelled like puke.   Alas, just a warning and I was on my way ... slowly this time. 

Lucky for me (and Christina) she was running late too.  We both arrived at the Visitor's Center within 3 minutes of each other!  The trials of getting there erased, I was excited to see my friend and meet her little girl!

My friend - I am SO glad I got to see her!
Like mother like daughter.

To see her now, as this still gorgeous woman - still hilarious, sweet, and exactly the same, yet all grown up and a MOM!  Her daughter Canaan is 18-months old and the most darling thing.  She looks just like Christina and has a joy about her - just like her mom has always had. 

We took 50 of them sitting there and this is the best I got.  Seriously.

My little wierdo, reading Go Dog Go on a log - enjoying her day. 

We met up at Canyon Village and spent about 4 hours just hanging out by the Gibbon River, walking as far as we could with 2 headstrong toddlers, had lunch and then had to part ways. 

So tired, what a big day looking for animals, especially that blue pig!

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A Growing Family said...

So fun- the reunion of course, not the vomit!

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