Wednesday, September 12, 2012

new blog site

Alright peeps (those of you who have been patient and still read this blog despite my extended absences), I am moving the blog.  The old content will stay here for posterity and so I can go back and giggle at all the CRAZY!

The new address is below - please change your links and bookmarks: 

You will find new content and the answer the question, "why hasn't she been writing much lately?"

I hope you continue to follow us on this crazy journey.  I miss you.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

It has been quite a crazy place the last few weeks. Our area has been plagued with a very significant fire which has affected some very beloved land and homes and properties. In addition to the plumes of smoke that seem be a normal part of the landscape, our community has also seen some pretty amazing displays of grace, kindness and generosity.
One such example is a fundraiser held Saturday night. Tons of local musicians all gave of their time and talents, donated food, drinks and auction ... Livingstonians do what they do best... pArTY!!!
Gorgeous night, great friends, and some very energized kiddos!
Check out my Facebook page for some pretty amazing images of the fires. They are quite surreal.
Pray for rain and snow!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Moving help

My friend Megan is moving houses this week, so it was all hands on deck to help her pack, carry and haul. Ironically it was all women with babies who made it... hmmmm. What is it they say, "if you want something done ask the busiest person you know."
Well again our amazing friends rallied and did all they could between toddler potty breaks and breastfeeding.
August and Soren (Aga and Josh's 3 month old) are going to be great friends! They provided the moral support!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Mom and Jim are in Alaska for 10 days! I am soooo excited for their adventures! This means that we get to try and reciprocate all the kid and pet sitting they do. Annie has already been dressed up by Matine and taken over the bed.
This is Annie with a dairy queen puppy cone. I am going to spoil THEIR kid rotten. Paybacks are hell!


They really do adore each-other. It warms my heart.
August is starting to laugh hysterically at her and she wants to hug and squeeze him so much it scares me...
Yesterday Matine crawls on top of me on the couch as I was holding August and says (just like I do), "I sure love my kids, you guys are so wonderful." She proceeds to hug us both and kiss our foreheads.
Last week they were playing and when I walked back in the room she asked me if they could have some privacy and told me to leave. Trouble.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sally turns 29 again!

Sweet Sally had a birthday. She is an amazing friend, mother, wife, and person. I am so lucky to have her in my life. We took her out to The 2nd Street Bistro and enjoyed a fun night of girl talk, wine, food and friendship. Beautiful, beautiful friends!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Rubber duckies

These two are so much fun and so cute together... Already. It has been my deepest hope that they truly enjoy each other like Clark and I always have. I think they are well on their way. Mattie fawns and plays with him all the time now and loves to run by and steal kisses when she can or demands to hold him. Gus eyes her across a room and already smiles and giggles at her antics. He wants to be sitting or standing up all the time now so that he can watch what is going on with her in a room. Today I caught her showing him how to crawl. I guess she is ready for more movement!
It is true love.

Friday, August 17, 2012

I love being a princess

This is Matine's signature song.  We hear this ALOT around our house.  Beat and lyrics are 100% original.  She also threw in some dance moves for you here.

Sister Wives Retreat

So, I think the whole idea of having sister wives is actually quite brilliant.  Before you think I have completely lost it I will clarify that it would just be the wives (women).  After spending 4 days with 4 other women and 8 kids I realized how seamlessly efficient, painless and fun it would be to have a wife (or 3).  Everyone effortlessly takes care of each others kids, takes initiative to cook meals, get snacks, brings you refills of your wine or margarita, and brings a good supply of appropriate reading material (Vanity Fair, home mags, and People) ... The house stayed clean.  It was brilliant!

So, here are some highlights of the first Annual Sister Wives Weekend at Georgetown lake.  My preferred partners are:  Kim and her girls Lane and Reese, Karen and her kids Shannon and Seamus, Cathy, and Sally and her girls Audrey and Camille.  Of course, my two were in tow and we all had a brilliant time in a beautiful location with perfect Montana summer weather.

Beautiful ladies and wonderful kids ... We were quite the group!

We hit the lake every day after a nice breakfast, kids running amuck, and loads of coffee.  We made sure coolers were packed with plenty of adult beverages (fruity girly stuff and Leinengugels Summer Shandy) and juice boxes.

We had floaties, life jackets, water shoes, sunscreen and loads of buckets and shovels.  We looked like colorful gypsies traveling across country.

Each day we showed up at the beach and scared everyone away that was attempting to have a peaceful day.

August is / was a DREAM.  This child is the most happy, amiable, peaceful fun little guy.  He just goes right along, takes his naps in his little pop up tent on the beach or in his pack and play, watches the kids play, got held by lots of mommas who got their baby fill ... I just LOVE this little guy!  Next year  he will be keeping up with the big kids for sure!

Ah, the ladies - what a GREAT group of funny, witty women.  (Sally, Brooke, Karen, Kim and Cathy)

Sunsets and sunrises everyday were absolutely breathtaking.  This is the view from our deck.

In the evenings the kids continued their running around and pretending games as we sat with our wine and visited until it was time to put kids to bed.  They played so hard it was hardly any effort to get them down each night.

In Saturday night we were told that there was going to be one of the best meteor showers (visible to us) for a long time.  We stayed up late staring at the sky and sure enough... We saw TONS of meteors shooting across a perfect Montana night sky.  Wow.  It was really something.

Is there anything better than coffee in the morning in the mountains?  I felt like I was in a Folgers commercial.

This was our home away from home.  Nice place with lots of room to roam!

Kiddy beach!  These kids have no idea what truly warm lake water is... Montana kids are tough!

The scary scene that was guaranteed to scare away the neighbors.  It took us about 15 minutes to unload the car each morning.

Karen brought a karaoke machine.  Guess which girls spent most of their time rocking out?  And yes, that is Matine wearing undies and my bikini top.

The girls had no issues understanding what a girls weekend was all about.  They took it upon themselves to do pedicures on the patio.  Shannon was a pro!

My little dream is really trying to move already.  He keeps his head up forever, loves to roll over both ways, looks around and tries to talk to anyone who will listen!

After pedis the kids did some face painting!  Reese looked amazing!

My kid's face paint looked like some sort of war paint... It was all over her body.

Hi.  Want to smile at me some more?  Ok.... :)

 I was worried he wouldn't get enough attention this weekend.

Bed heads watching a little of The Little Mermaid before breakfast.  They then proceeded to become mermaids in the water... they even laid on rocks and flapped their legs.  Hilarious.  I also love that Matine's hair is alway the CRAZIEST of any kid in the morning.

We had a visitor one morning.  This gorgeous hawk just flew right to the deck and hung out for a few minutes.  Wow.

 Running down the road to do some jumping off the docks before dinner one  night.  Matine really liked her life jacket and I had no problem keeping it on her.

Another gorgeous sunset. 

Meal time is always hilarious - multiply that times 8 ... but you get to divide that between 5 sister wives and it was actually quite painless.

Reese and Shannon bonded over flying off the docks.  They are such sweet girls.

Seamus is one of the funniest kids ever.  He was the token boy (aside from August) and he just did his own thing the whole time.  Boys are SOOOO different than girls.  I can't wait to see my little guy get bigger.  He will love Seamus next year.

And my parting shot of my baby-model boy.  Gosh he is amazing.  I was so happy to have this very special weekend with my kids.  What a treat and what amazing memories.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

And it begins

I love the new iPhone because as I wait for one of the many Livingston trains to pass I can do a quick blog about our mornings.

Mattie is following in the footsteps of many-a-big sisters around the world and dressing up her little brother. She was thrilled to find a little lacy straw hat to fit Gus perfectly! Sorry buddy, it is just part of being number 2!

I am certain it will only get worse.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Summer at Pine Creek

Anders taking his turn with Gus

Beauties - Levia and Megan! 

Dancing fools! 

Summer weekends are always fun around here.  Pine Creek has a BBQ on Saturdays with live music.  This last weekend was the Prairie Wind Jammers, which happen to be my neighbors too!   It was a perfect night.  Great weather (we actually pulled out the hoodies and sweaters), great food, and as always, great friends.  

Waiting and ready for the band to show up

So serious, the music must have stopped.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Sixty is the new Forty

No one I know deserves more love and attention on her birthday, especially her 60th!  With the really amazing people in your life, whatever you do to celebrate them just isn't enough.  They are the kinds that do so much, mean so much, and are so amazing that a present, a party, a Hallmark card (or handmade card) just won't cut it.  But, we have to try.

Mom and Community Closet friends
My meak efforts were to try to throw my mom a party with friends and kids that she didn't have to plan or do herself.  That mostly happened.  The amazing lady came up to the house to clean up the aftermath on Thursday (she just can't help herself apparently).

Anyways, it was a gorgeous Livingston evening and we all enjoyed the Taco Bar, drinks, and amazing friends and faces here at my house.  The 15 kids ran amuck having a great time and even all fit inside a small 2 man play tent at one point.  The boys built stuff with logs, the girls played "house" and "mom" and we adults enjoyed a glass of wine or beer and laughed at them.

My mom really enjoys my (what are now HER) friends here in town and I knew she would likely just like to enjoy the company of her new friends in her new life.  Jim had been in Oklahoma for about 12 days to work on their house and pulled a near overnighter on the road and made it home in time to be here too!

The real present is coming - I am taking mom on a fun weekend to Butte, Montana to see the historical sights and explore a new Montana town with her....

Happy Birthday Mom - you are a kind yet fierce woman who I respect and love more than any words could say.  Thank you for being so present in my life and my kids lives.  We are so lucky to have you!

The birthday girl and Taco Bar

The Hoglunds - Beau and Dorel

The backyard scene

The JimPa and Peanut

The Singers

The smiling faces

The serenade

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