Saturday, June 18, 2011

Swiss Miss Visits Montana Again

Friday through Tuesday ... This was all we had to give Clark and his gal pal, Sammi the whirlwind tour of Montana (or at least Southwest Montana).   I think Clark, and Sammi for sure, thought we were joking when we said we would be picking him up at the airport in the 34-foot RV.  We weren't joking.  If Clark wanted non-stop fun ... well, you get what you ask in this family!

Sammi had never met the family .... Within 5 minutes of landing she was greeted by Brooke, Peter, Matine, Jim, and Kerri, Oliver, Gaucho and Annie!  Welcome to Crazy-Town Sammi!  We drove straight to Virginia City, the original proposed Capital of Montana, and a very OLD, cool mining town that has been preserved and prides itself as as "Drinking Town with a History Problem."  It's a fun place to spend the day (and night). 

The old slat wood sidewalks of town.  Matine insists on walking any herself.
Of course, the nightlife is the best part of Virginia City.  The incomparable, raunchy, hilarious, and wrong on so many levels, ensemble that make up the Brewery Follies is not to be missed.   My side is still hurting from seeing these guys again.  They take a joke that is sick and wrong and twist it to the point you can hardly repeat it out loud again. After the Follies, we enjoyed the Pioneer Bar and a few more libations.  The juke box is good and the PBR always goes down easy ....

I really like this gal ...

During the day, w all toured the sites and did some window shopping in VC ... we couldn't pass up the "Old Time Photo" place (who could?) and insisted on a family photo ... Hold your laughter, this was the result.  

Totally creepy family portrait.

There are too many funny things in this picture for me to start ... but did anyone notice Matine's pistol.  She loved it and wouldn't put it down.  JimPa looks a little too authentic for me to be comfortable.   Sammi felt great about getting undressed in front of me and then dressing up like a hooker in front of her boyfriends family .... No worries Sammi, that's just how we roll!

So, we slept in the RV park, got Clark and Sammi acclimated to the cool, crisp Montana weather and enjoyed some breakfast in Virginia City.  If you are wondering where we all slept ... 6 adults, 2 dogs and a baby all slept in the RV.  It was tight ... yet again, "no worries Sammi, this is how we roll!"

Matine loves the RV ... especially when she can share it with 6 other people AND her dogs!
We made our way back through Norris and along the Madison River - some of the prettiest scenery in Montana (in my opinion).  We got to Livingston and had one of the most beautiful days I had seen here in some time - sunny, warm, and about 70 degrees.   It was perfect bike-riding weather.  We toured town on the cruisers and checked out the Yellowstone River, the park, stopped by Marks in and Out for burgers and ate them by the River.  

Best burger in town.

At Sacajawea Park, just cruisin' on a perfect Livingston day.

The mighty Yellowstone River

Awww... That is just so cute, isn't it?
 After a few hours of seeing town, we brought them back to the house for a quick shower and nap and then it was time to head down Paradise Valley to Pine Creek Cafe.  Pine Creek has a Summer Music Series and BBQ each Saturday.   The Fossils (a semi famous, at least to the locals, band) played and we dressed up, visited with great people, had some beer, and danced outside under the pine trees.   It was a great night. 

Mattie LOVE LOVE LOVES her "uncle cark."   Warm my heart.

Dressed up and ready to dance.

The Ladies.

Dancing with my gal.  Has to be one of my favorite things. Ever.

Kids dancing.  Doesn't get much sweeter.

More Clark and Sammi fun...

Clark two-stepping ... With enthusiasm!

We stayed up late drinking some more beer and chatting on our back patio under the stars and to the warmth of the chimea.   We got 8 hours to catch some Z's and then Clark, Sammi and Peter had to pack up again and head 2.5 scenic hours north to Craig, Montana - the hub of June fly fishing on the Missouri River.  I had to work back here at home, so Mattie and I stayed behind (boo), but it worked out great, as only 3 people can be in the boat at any given time anyhow.   Clark was determined to change his fate and actually catch some trout on this trip.   I knew Sammi would have the charmed rod and catch the big one for the weekend ... I was right.

There is a reason they call it Big Sky Country.
Sammi and Clarkie on the mighty Missouri River.

Hot girl with a big fish ... this one will be sent to a magazine for sure!

Clark held this fish as far away from his body as possible so it would be half as big as Sammi's catch.

Pete's a rowin' away ...

Nice scenery, get a tan, catch some fish.

This needs to be an advertisement for Buggers or Schmidt Beer ... one of the two.

The couple who catch fish together (at the same time) stays together!

Gorgeous morning in Montana ... Not a bad way to wake up in the morning.
Clark yet again threw Sammi into every situation possible.   You can add "first time camping" to the list!  She is awesome.  She actually loved it all and wants to come back!  I guess the Cottongim/ Howell's aren't so scary after all?

Kind of creepy that Peter even took this picture of them sleeping ....
It was a quick and action packed 5 days... I am THRILLED to see my best friend, Clark, anytime and I was delighted and so thankful to meet Sammi.  She's a keeper and it was so fun to have such perfect weather and opportunity for their week.   The second Clark and Sammi flew away my dad's flight arrived and with him he brought the RAIN ... and it is still raining!

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