Saturday, June 11, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

Wow, I am very behind.  Apologies.  Memorial Day in Montana is quite different from the hot, sunny days at the Lake that I grew up with.  There was no humidity, no cold beers sweating in your hand ... there was no sun. 

We said "screw it!" and took the MRC (Mobile Ritz Carlton) to risk the weather at Daily Lake. We were one of a few "campers" at the lake for the weekend, splitting our time shivering by the lake or hunkered down in the RV as it rained on us.   It was actually quite fun and it was enough to get us out of the house and a change of scenery.  Matine LOVED the fact that she could cruise on her new bicycle around the gravel roads, and thanks to all the rain, she had BIG mud puddles to drive through (aside from the helmet, puddles are her favorite part of riding a bike).  Our friend Burke met us there for a few hours and we did a little float on the lake in search of the 3 fish that reside there.   We didn't see any. 

Here's to a fun filled summer or RVing...

It sure was pretty and our insane australian shepherd doesn't care that the water temps are FRIGID!

There she sits in all her glory .... and Oliver in his.

Handsome hubby showing off the mountains and a beer.

Just cruisin in my helmet and rubber frog boots.

"I go fast!"  "I need more hill."  "BIIIIGGG mud puddle momma, I go in it!"

Here she is, tempting fate and waiting for me to say, "no, that puddle is deeper than you!"

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 Since Mattie apparenlty has no temperature gauge in her little body, she had no issues wading in the water.  It was SNOWING earlier in the day, and she kept asking if she could swim.  By the end of the night she was doing hot laps up and down the shore, trying to see how big her splash could get.  I had to put the kabosh on the fun when she started eating the "foam" that you find along the edges of water... I still don't know what that stuff is,  but I was not going to find out with a trip to child-internist to identify some unexplainable stomach worm.

hello cheeks!

I think this life jacket is too big mom... I can't move.

Our kids.  They act a whole lot alike.

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