Monday, June 20, 2011

Oh the Days of Summer ...

Well, I like to call it summer because "officially" today is the Solstice and the first day of summer.  It hasn't felt like it too much yet.  The grass is green - yes,  the lilacs are in bloom - nearly 1 month later than usual, and I have unpacked my shorts and skirts - but haven't had too many days to wear them.  Like the rest of the country we are experiencing LOTS of water - from our big snow amounts from winter to the seemingly endless rain, I sometimes feel like I am in Seattle, not Livingston, Montana.  But, I can't complain too much... It is beautiful here and I love not being too hot, but I will admit that wearing my down jacket one morning this week was a bit much. 

Regardless, we are pressing on with our house projects, camping, playing outside (even in the rain) and summer BBQ's with friends.  If the weather won't change, we will just ignore it! Here are some snapshots of life these days in Seattle with a very rambunctious 2 year old.

view from the front yard... LOTS of snow still in the mountains... will it ever melt?

She loves mama's sleep mask -  it's becoming an addiction (thanks Micca)

Everyday cuddles with dad and mom in bed.  Best part of the day.

Planting our flowers and veggies.  FINALLY the garden is in ... June 15th.

Chopping some wood while "camping" in the RV.

I need my coffee, STAT!

What would we do without our Grandpas to help us out?  Mattie LOVES them so much!

Dad is the best... No one gets her giggling like dad.

Enjoying a beer on a nice "summer" day in the backyard.

Mom, Grandpa Scott and JimPa finished the fence!  Yay!

Helping mom with the cauliflower in the garden.

Two shovels and the face of determination!

I love pizza outside.

Watching her favorite friend, Logan swing on our new swing in the front yard.

If only you could see how cute I am in person! 

As always, MORE to come ... Summers are so fun here!

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