Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Family Tradition ...

I am SO proud to finally announce the launching of the Woodstock Cabinet Company website.  Everyone always asks me "what do your dad and Clark do?"  Well, let me tell you ... two of the hardest working men in my life are CRAZY talented and committed to the business that has been in the Family since 1967.  That sounds a bit "mafia like" but it is... Not mafia, but very proud of mi familia.  

Thanks to fine craftsmanship and the exuberant salesmanship of Scottongim - this business has helped me get where I am today!  Check out the beautiful work they do and let me know if you need any custom wood work or cabinets done.  For the right price, they WILL ship to Montana!

They are also on Facebook - please follow this link and "like" the Woodstock page!   Thanks friends! 

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