Saturday, June 25, 2011

My Dad

My dad turned 60 yesterday.  I can't believe it.  He is the kind of guy you just don't see age.  My dad.  He has been the most consistent, loving, generous and wise person in my life.  I am not sure what a world without Scott Cottongim would look like.  He is the epitome of the glass is half FULL.   Scratch that... his cup is ALWAYS overflowing!  Life couldn't be better.  People couldn't be nicer.  The day couldn't be any brighter in his eyes.  The skiing is always the best EVER.  That guy that he meets on the street or at dinner is always SO great.  Clark and I (and anyone he calls friends of family) could do no wrong in his eyes.  This kind of loyalty and unconditional love is what people write books about but people rarely truly embody.  

Dad, you have always been on my side.  My biggest fan, my greatest cheerleader.  You have taught me so many things but I hope of all the funny things I have learned from you (and there are many), I hope I love in the capacity that you do.  I have heard so many times from people that know you, "if there were more Scott's in the World" this world would be a better place.  

Dad, thanks for making it hard to beleive that you are 60 - keep partying like you are 29 and laughing like a child.  You are the BEST... truly.   Thanks for being my best friend and father.


BrookeMahan said...

What a sweet post Brooke! Happy birthday to your Daddy! Matine is such a doll. Hugs!

taylor said...

such sweet words in this post. hey, i also like the new pictures on the blog title above!

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