Friday, August 10, 2012

Sixty is the new Forty

No one I know deserves more love and attention on her birthday, especially her 60th!  With the really amazing people in your life, whatever you do to celebrate them just isn't enough.  They are the kinds that do so much, mean so much, and are so amazing that a present, a party, a Hallmark card (or handmade card) just won't cut it.  But, we have to try.

Mom and Community Closet friends
My meak efforts were to try to throw my mom a party with friends and kids that she didn't have to plan or do herself.  That mostly happened.  The amazing lady came up to the house to clean up the aftermath on Thursday (she just can't help herself apparently).

Anyways, it was a gorgeous Livingston evening and we all enjoyed the Taco Bar, drinks, and amazing friends and faces here at my house.  The 15 kids ran amuck having a great time and even all fit inside a small 2 man play tent at one point.  The boys built stuff with logs, the girls played "house" and "mom" and we adults enjoyed a glass of wine or beer and laughed at them.

My mom really enjoys my (what are now HER) friends here in town and I knew she would likely just like to enjoy the company of her new friends in her new life.  Jim had been in Oklahoma for about 12 days to work on their house and pulled a near overnighter on the road and made it home in time to be here too!

The real present is coming - I am taking mom on a fun weekend to Butte, Montana to see the historical sights and explore a new Montana town with her....

Happy Birthday Mom - you are a kind yet fierce woman who I respect and love more than any words could say.  Thank you for being so present in my life and my kids lives.  We are so lucky to have you!

The birthday girl and Taco Bar

The Hoglunds - Beau and Dorel

The backyard scene

The JimPa and Peanut

The Singers

The smiling faces

The serenade

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