Sunday, July 29, 2012


I am so happy I can't stand it. Today was a really glorious day of true play, relaxation, contentment and joy. It was like a honeymoon with my kids - with a little yard work and dirt mixed in.
These kids are absolutely the cutest, sweetest and most fun around.

Funny story - Matine found a worm (she loves worms) and named it Juicy. She coddled it a whole carried it around and set her down on the porch while she went to the bathroom (under the tree in the front yard of course). Nona was here helping with some gardening and garden design and didn't see that Juicy was sitting on the concert porch. You can imagine, Juicy got a bit smooshed. I hear a screech and I make out the words, "oh Juicy!""
I come around the corner to see two terrified faces and a worm oozing out its own guts. We quickly comfort Mattie and I realize Nona is the one needing help. She felt awful!
The sweetest part is that Mattie was so hopeful and wanted to put Juicy back in he dirt and give him water so hat he could "heal.". Sweet girl. She checked the dirt all day waiting for him to rise from the dead!

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