Friday, March 23, 2012

G-Pa's Back in Town

Well, Grandpa Scott is back in town and this means Mattie is happy and has another minion to have tea parties with, chat endlessly about life, activities and toys, sing with, be read by, and generally boss around.

Weather today was AMAZING.  We spent 5 hours walking around town, window shopping, visiting at the coffee shops and enjoying the non-windy sun.  There is something about the 2 of them together - Mattie really "turns on her charm" and seems to be extra verbal and articulate with him (which is hard to even imagine).  I wish I could just follow them around with a tape recorder.

Today I overheard them talking about their cowboy boots.  
I hear Mattie say, "Grandpa, do you have your boots on?"
Grandpa:  "Yes, I do, they are new."
Matine:  "Well, they look really nice."
Grandpa:  "Well thank you."
Mattie: "You are welcome, they look really good."

This was followed by a tea party where they talked about dogs, songs, basketball and a lot of "You are silly's" being exchanged by each.

She hasn't taken off her "reading glasses" that she saves to wear when grandpa is around.

They are super cute.  Both of them.

I was asked to get off the couch when I took this picture - apparently there is only room for 2 when he's around.

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