Saturday, June 9, 2012

One Month Letter to my Son

August Scott,

Well, in my non-effort to stay consistent, I am late getting your letter written.  You turned 1 month old last week (almost 2 now)... I just can't believe it!  Sweet boy, I could have never imagined that I could adore a baby so much! Everyone told me that I would never get another mellow baby like Matine.  They were 100% wrong.  I think in many ways you are even calmer and more peaceful than your sister.

You have absolutely won me over with your deep, sweet eyes and adorable little nose and mouth.  You are sooooo cute and I know I am your momma, but everyone says so (and I tend to agree).  You are a people person already and love to examine faces, make eye contact, grin and smile at people, and you love to just watch all that is going on.  You already like to face outward so you can see around and if I am not doing that with you, you demand my full attention and seem to want to have a conversation.

If you are not smiling, checking things out or trying to coo and talk you are sleeping.  For about 2 weeks you were a bit fussy if I wasn't holding you (almost at all times) but you seem to have already grown out of that and are more OK with your own space and time out of my arms.  I didn't mind the holding, because you are SO snuggly.  There is something intoxicating about your warmth and sweetness little Man... seriously, you have the sweetest little soul and I just know it is just who you are.

You have been sleeping like a Prince.   Two nights ago you didn't even wake up ... all night!  You wake up extremely happy and alert at 5:00am sharp!  You have done this since you came home.  5:00 am seems to be your magic hour, but I just pull you into bed with me for another hour and you seem to like to cuddle and snooze a little more.  You eat like a champ too!  The first couple of weeks you were trying out the "snacking" routine where you would eat a little and then stop (usually falling asleep on me) and then want another little bit in about 15 minutes.  This too you are working out and you now gobble as much as you can and then sleep for much longer periods.  Most of your naps during the day are 2-3 hours at a time and then you sleep from about 9pm to 5am - waking only once to eat.

Your sister adores you.  The first thing she asks in the morning as she shuffles in my room with her hair looking all crazy and sleepy eyed is, "Momma, where's my baby?  I need to hold him."  She snuggles up next to you and immediately gives you a kiss and strokes your head or arms.   It melts my heart to see you all like each other so much already.

I am having a blast dressing you - you have an enormous wardrobe just like your sister did and I tend to change you a few times a day just to get everything on you before you grow out of it.  You are growing SO fast ... already you seem so much bigger and longer than just a few weeks ago.  Your adorable cheeks are filling out and you are getting more shape and some little rolls on your legs and arms.  You are going to be LONG and TALL, just like your dad.   Your feet are so long that NO sock will stay on you and you have the most beautiful hands and fingers - which you love to keep right by your face and under your chin, almost like you are posing or pondering the mysteries of the universe.

I started back at work (to my NEW job as the Center Manager of the Park County Senior Citizens Center) a few hours for a few days of the week when you were 2 weeks old... I cannot believe how lucky I am to get to take you with me!  You have a little pack n' play set up in my office, a bouncy seat, and of course, my arms to hang out in all day.  It has been so easy and fun to have you there.  I can hardly get any work done because there are dozens of new grandmas and grandpas that find any excuse in the world to peek in and say hi to you.  They adore you and it is so sweet to see them see you and start to reminisce and tell me stories of their own kids ... You bring them so much joy and reflection.  You are truly a gift to all already.

I just can't tell you how peaceful and sweet you are.  I truly can't get enough of you and am so eternally thankful that you are here, that you will always be my son.  There is really something special about little boys - like all my mom friends told me - you have a special piece of me that I didn't even know existed.

I hope you always want me to hold you too much sweet boy.   Here is to another month of you wonderful life!

xoxo - Your momma


Taylor said...

i love this!

Taylor said...

several years ago i worked at a rest home & loved it! so fun and nice you get to take your kiddos to work with you.

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