Sunday, June 24, 2012

36 Hours in Colorado

Well, three day weekend – Clark and Sammi were going to be in Colorado fro a wedding, so we talked ourselves into loading up a 6 week old and an emotional three year old for a 10 hour (each way) trip to Hahn’s Peak for a day and a half visit with Uncle Clark.  Mom, Jim, me, Mattie, August, oh … and 2 dogs.  Can you say crazy? 

Hotel rooms are so much fun! 
It all sounds so simple and fun until reality sinks in.  I am too stubborn and idealistic to allow any electronic entertainment for the kids so its up to us to provide books, conversation, music and fun … this is fun for the first 4 hours.   After that you are praying for an iPad or DVD player to be dropped from the Heavens into your child’s lap.  My voice is hoarse, we have memorized every book we brought, the finger puppets are not entertainment at all anymore, and I am bruised from retrieving all the toys that have been “accidently” dropped a dozen times.   Mattie is in that adorable phase where her normal voice is a long whine anyways …. Gosh I love her, but wow… It can eat at you after hours of it.  I now know why nature made kids cute … it’s what keeps them alive when you are on your last nerve.   

Matine went CRAZY over her quick time with Clark and Sammi.  

The weekend was quick but nice.  We stayed at a nice Bed and Breakfast near Hahn’s Peak (40 miles north of Steamboat Springs).  The caretakers swear there were other guests there but we never saw another soul… I think we scared them off with the baby, toddler, dogs and general cloud of chaos that seemed to surround our presence.  We ate some good food (well, everyone else did).  I am at the stage of mommy-hood where my child immediately starts crying as soon as I sit down to teat.  I guess this is one of nature’s ways of helping you lose pregnancy weight….  I haven’t finished a single beer or meal since having August.  Between potty breaks for the toddler and the 5-7 pm fussy period of the baby, I really have no appetite (or energy to eat anyways).  I have started not even ordering food for myself if we go out.  I just eat the leftovers with one hand that Mattie discards.   Yes, that means that I ham living off of toast and chicken fingers. 

Doing what Cottongim's do best... talk. 

We went for a pleasant (fairly) hike to a nice lake and around it.  Sunny day, dogs fetched sticks in the water, Mattie collected rocks and crawdad claws, and we played more “I Spy” on the walk back.  Of course there were 4 other able bodied adults to carry Matine when she got tired but she refused it all for the chance to hang on my back, as I had a baby attached to my front.  Another clever and kind way nature helps you shed those pesky pounds --- dead lift weight training!  After a nice afternoon nap (seriously, that went smoothly and I passed out like a college girl) we did some family “gaming” in the lounge of the B &B… Scrabble, Monopoly and some other “Mattie versions” of the same.  She loved being the “banker” in Monopoly y and kept insisting we all give her our money.  Smart girl.

The “cabin” as Mattie called it had a hot tub.  That was nice.   She insisted on being a whale or dolphin and diving / jumping in… Ah, so relaxing!  We had another “meal” of me standing next to the table rocking a fussy baby as everyone else enjoyed what I heard was delicious food.   Again, the dogs even got leftovers!   

That is dirt.  Not the other.  And no, it did not wash out.

Hiking... With a kid on my chest and a kid on my back.  Pack mule. 

 As bedtime approached it was fun and games for the kid – cool new hotel room and lucky me – I got to share a twin pullout bed with Matine!!!  Thank goodness she is absolutely breathtakingly sweet, innocent and beautiful as she sleeps… I didn’t mind the feet in my face after 1 hour or storytelling and making up songs. 

Well the trip is over and we still haven’t seen the other “guests” in the B and B.  It’s back on the road for our 10 – 15 hours back to Livingston. This nice range all depends on how long it takes to get Mattie strapped back into the car seat after bathroom breaks and McDonalds Playland stops.   Did you know that children can hold themselves hostage in the highest most spots of the playland apparatus and you really can’t get them out until they decide to come down?  

Sammi was the designated favorite and this entitled her to all the reading of books! 

Super Nona.

Matine likes “custom” sing along time… You must on the spot make up songs about the things that we see, sung to familiar tunes that we all know and love.  My favorite is a song about Bambi sung to Willie Nelson’s classic, “On the Road Again.”  Or, songs about Matine sung to “On Top of Old Smokey” tune.   You aren’t a real road trip musician until you Sing every possible song you have ever known with the original words and then again with the new.  Just when your ears start bleeding the child is asleep. Wait, no …. they are awake again… Start over. 

Uncle Clark and his nephew ... I actually see a bit of resemblance here. 

Both of them were worn out! 

This was taken by Matine.

It is now “vacation recap” time and I Spy again. “Matine, this has been so much fun, what are all the different kinds of animal s we have seen on our vacation?”  You know your kid is a weirdo when the first animal she remembers is the “dead mouse” that you saw on your hike.  Forget the cranes, deer, fish, antelope, sheep and butterflies.   Noooo we liked the dead mouse…. Awesome.  I love this kid. 

Clark and Sammi, it was great to see you for the 36 hours that we were able.  I am certain they will not be discussing having any children for a while now.  

I l.o.v.e that smile! 


Weather said...

Phew - I am ready for a nap just reading that post! Sounds like you had a whirlwind of fun. I am glad everyone survived.

Taylor said...

a good state to be in for 36 hours :)

Rachel S said...

Sounds like you have a lot of fun!!!!

Mel said...

Unlike your other readers, I don't think it sounds that fun ;) I've had trips like that. So. Much. Work. But, then they get older/easier.

The boys and I just got back from an 8 day road trip and it was awesome. I used to agree with you about no electronics, but now I give them 4 hours to self entertain and then hand one an iPad and the other an iPod. They're loaded with (educational) apps and games ;) And I listen to my podcasts up front. Everyone wins!

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