Saturday, May 12, 2012

Getting to know you ... and friends.

It is amazing how much he is changing each day.  In true Howell style, we have been SO busy with "life" in addition to the adjustment of our new little life.  But, it has all been very sweet and memorable.  Here are just our Day 1 on earth pictures ... I will do days 2-10 next!

baby burrito .  he loves the swaddle. 

Nurse Katie and I admiring. 

Meeting his Nana Jo. 

Big sis was at the hospital by 8am ... ready to hold! 

SO proud! 

examining ALL his parts

Proud Nona! 

Learning how to change his diaper. 


Meeting Sully and Emily! 

Jimpa arrived just in time from Oklahoma to present August with HIS birthday cake! 

My cup overflows! 

Hanging her picture on the Wall of big brothers and sisters.  

Sally, Camille and Audrey meeting baby August.  They call him "family."  Which he is of course! 

Tired yet buddy, Day 1 was BIG!  

1 comment:

meg taylor said...

BROOKE!!!! august is just so darling!!! I love how sweet he is being & the sleeping through the night- WOW, very impressive. so excited for you & can't wait to see much more of him. xoxoxooxxo

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