Saturday, May 12, 2012

August Scott's Birthday

He is now 12 days old and I am just getting to this ... can't imagine why!  There are no words to describe how amazing this little guy is.  He came into this world just as peaceful and gently as Matine.  On April 30th (day after my birthday) at 7:08pm.  He weighed 7lb 8oz and was 20.5 inches long.  He has dark hair, a perfect little face, adorable nose, and the sweetest little lips you have ever seen.  Super long fingers, toes, and feet.  As Matine (and Mary Poppins) says, "practically perfect in every way."

We have been doing lots of holding, feeding and staring.  Matine has embraced her role as big sister seamlessly.  She is really helpful (I am not just saying that).  She is at my side with diapers, wipes, lotions, whatever I need at most every diaper change.  She wakes up in the mornings and immediately comes to my room and says, "where's my baby... I need to hold him."  She snuggles and holds his hands or rubs his head as we wake up and she will hold him or "watch" him while I make coffee and try to get dressed in the mornings.

Just as my friends with boys have told me, he LOVES to be held and stay pretty close to the boob.  He is a sleepy eater and pretty much falls asleep after nursing for about 1 minute and just wants to have his head on my chest.  If I dare put him down he wants another "snack" a few minutes later and then falls asleep again.  I have to admit, I don't really mind.  ONly a couple of times (getting ready for Mattie's bday party and having a few days of work already to do) have I minded.  I could hold this little guy forever and he already has such a special place in my soul.   It is pretty impossible to imagine loving something more than your first child and then miraculously, bam, you do and you are consumed and overwhelmed with more love than you could have imagined.  He is a miracle in so many ways and I am so humbled that he is here, healthy, and just as he is.

So here is his first day on the Planet pics ... it was an interesting day in many ways, but I was grateful for the support of Peter, my mom, the docs and nurses and as usual - there were many friends and family anxiously waiting to love on him and welcome him to our World.

The condensed version of labor - I started having contractions (mild and about 10-12 min apart) on April 29th around 10pm.  I rested and stayed in bed (didn't tell anyone) and tried to sleep as much as possible.  Waters did not break yet (thank goodness).  By the next morning they were still 10-12 apart and the same intensity.  After doing the  normal morning routine and Peter taking Mattie to school I realized just like Mattie's labor, that I probably needed to literally "walk this baby out."  Weather was crappy so by noon I went to the Civic Center to walk laps inside the gym.  That made things progress a bit and we were wavering between 5-8 minutes apart and then about 3 minutes apart by 1:00pm.   I was finally convinced by Peter and Mom to go check in at the hospital and see where I was at.  I KNEW i wasn't really dilated much but I went... sure enough, Dr. Coleman checked me and I was at 3 centimeters!  Curses!  I was briefly convinced that I was going to have another 3 day labor repeat.

More walking had to be done.  As soon as I stopped, even for the brief half hour to be checked out, the contractions stalled out again.  So, walking in the rain and wind we did... Walk the halls (2 of them 25 yards long) of the hospital we did.... Until finally I couldn't walk any more.  I then just had to stand up propped against the bed for the remainder of the time.  Dr. Coleman got there again at 5:30-5:45 ish and ordered the Interthecal (similar to an epidural but not a block ... a "take the edge off thing).  I was at 7cm now and by the time the anesthesiologist got there and got the meds in - August was born 30 minutes later within three more contractions!   The drugs didn't really set in, but there was a bit of relief and I was super grateful for a less than 24 hour labor!

He was PERFECT as he came out ... I was so excited to hear Peter say "BOY!"  and the rest is history.  Love, love, love.

Let me present our little Boy -  August Scott Howell!    Presented to the outside world on April 30, 2012.

Love at first sight. 

Our favorite doc, Scott Coleman, has now delivered both of our kids! 
 Mom had been watching Matine since she got out of school and luckily he was born just before she was ready for bed and she was able to come to the hospital to meet her new baby brother!   She was smitten immediately and was so quiet and curious about every inch of him.  She examined his head, his eyes, his fingers, his toes.  Lots of questions, lots of smiles, and there was a real reverence about her demeanor.  I was SO proud and so happy to see them together!
Getting to know you! 

Mom gave her her own baby doll to hold and bring to the hospital.  She was so cute as we both held our babies. 


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Katie said...

He is just perfect! Congrats again to you and your family. Oh, and I think the only thing better than baby toes is baby cheeks. ;)

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