Monday, April 16, 2012

Easter Bunny makes it to Dillon

Well, the Easter Bunny travels.  Thank goodness.  There was a lot of talk about this elusive rabbit this year and it did not disappoint.

A fun filled weekend in Dillon with the Hoffmanns!   Eric's brother and his family were there from Minnesota as well as his dad Ken.  It was a packed house and that always makes it fun for the kiddies!

While all our Midwestern, Southern, Floridian, and California readers read this .... It wouldn't be "Spring in Montana" without some sledding behind a horse!

Easter egg hunt in the riding arena - very Hoffmann-esque! I love this picture and how Shep the dog is hiding with the kids. 

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Mattie and her aunt Amy on Merlin the horse (he closed his eyes for the picture, dang it)! 

We just can't keep this kid out of a mud puddle or body of water!   I love her.

Peter took a cool picture of Merlins eyeball. 

I just love this for some reason - playing in the snowsuit in a playhouse and then little Gaucho sitting there as some sort of protector.... He is always looking out for that kid! 

The "easter bunnies" getting baskets ready for the morning... 

What a generous bunny that gal/guy is!
 On a side note, Mattie was very excited about the Easter Bunny thing.  We did walks around the neighborhood the week leading up, looking for him in the bushes, she had her headlamp out at night looking for the rabbit, and 2 days after Easter when she was home, Peter walked out with her in the front yard and there was a rabbit in the neighbors yard.  Very quietly she points out that it's there and then you hear this very soft and sweet, "THANK YOU" come out of her mouth as she looked at it.  It could melt your heart!

Cash Man 

Clearly liking her Easter Bunny bunny and not sure what the hanger is for.... 

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T. said...

i like that picture of merlin's eye. really cool.

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