Saturday, April 14, 2012

Ernie's Art Show

Cousin Marni's boyfriend and fellow artist, Ernest had the opening of his very cool and interactive art show at MSU.  Like Marni, Ernie is in ceramics and he had made some very elaborate installations and pieces that are nearly impossible to describe - you just needed to be there, trust me.  

I told Matine that we were going to go to an "art show" the day before (FYI  - waaayyyy too early).  We picked out a very chic little ensemble (a gift from Nona last year), that I knew she would love wearing and we then proceeded to talk about it for 2 entire days before we were finally dressed up and on our way there.  

before the show at the house, she thought she was so cute, she wanted pics taken with each dog.  

We met Nana Jo in Bozeman for dinner first, Loni was coming over from Missoula, it was going to be a big night.  

The show was very fun!  Hundreds of people, very active and exciting "show."  Ernie had made dozens of ceramic bowling pins and balls, a bowling alley, 2 enormous ceramic boat/vessels (filled with balls), another boat that was used as a cooler to hold beer, and had this all "online" and streaming live to those that couldn't be there.   It was interactive with iPhone apps and even sponsored by PBR Beer (when you live in Montana you understand that sponsorship from PBR is very cool).  

Someone ADORES her Aunt Loni! 

Ernest, against the wall drinking a PBR, watching his clean up men sweep up the latest bowlers mess.  

The second we got out of the car at MSU Matine starts the dialogue (actually, we all know it started long before that), but it was "where's the art show, where we going, where's Marni and Loni, is this the art show, is this the party!, this is fun, do I get to dance?, etc, etc."  Gal was ready for some culture and mingling! 

When we arrive the place is packed!  People are taking turns bowling the ceramic balls down the lane and smashing (very loudly) both balls and bowling pins, cheering, drinking, laughing and talking.   I dare say MOST 2.5 year olds (and many adults) would have FREAKED OUT at all the chaos and loud noises.  Matine watched stunned (big brown eyes) for about 1 minute and then was completely in her element.  She chatted it up with Loni and Marni , complementing them on their clothes and earrings, met some new friends, some old, and within a half hour didn't even need or want to be held as she made her way (knee height) through the crowds to help herself to the food table and juice boxes.    She soaked in every single detail of what was going on and was so happy! 
Soaking it in and getting an art tutorial from Aunt Loni.

The Buell / Howell clan! 

Ernest Forward's ceramic boat/vessels - at the end of the night they were set to collide and break and explode... Cool! 

She did what she usually does these days and as soon as anyone made eye contact with her, she immediately, "What's your name?"  They of course answer back and ask hers and she begins her "conversations" with them.  I just wish you could see this little social butterfly in action.  

The drive home, she sat in her carseat, clutching a broken (but not sharp) souvenir piece of one of the bowling pins, half dazed and wiped out, smiling, talking and processing her "art show" night.  We have got to keep this little gal plugged in to the art scene - she definitely has a propensity and natural draw to it all! 

Making new friends and mingling at the food table. 

On her own and making her way through the crowds. 

Wow, I really love those earrings Marni - did you make them yourself? 

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