Monday, April 9, 2012

Nana's House

Two weekends ago we spent a typical spring Montana day up at Nana Jo's house.  It started out rainy and snowy in the morning and was sunny and beautiful by mid afternoon.  We swam in the hot tub, the Easter Bunny had come early so Matine HAD to try out her new spade, watering can and shovels in both sand AND water, I took a nice nap, and Peter helped his mom with chores around the house.   It was a nice relaxing day filled with lots of outdoor time.  

That night cousins David and Tiffany (who got married this summer and you can be reminded of their wedding HERE) joined us for dinner.  They are excited about the purchase of their first home together in Churchill, MT AND a baby on the way!  Lots to celebrate these days!

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