Saturday, May 12, 2012

These are the days ...

Day 2:

Is there anything better than those baby toes? 

Day 3:

A little more time in the hospital and then we came home!

Day 4:

Funny story -  I was in the other room changing August and doing some things and it got really quiet in the living room where Mattie had been playing.  When I came out, I see her propped up on the chair, with our big camera around her neck, pointing it out the window.  She looks excitedly at me and says, "look mom, there's the Easter Bunny and Fez (our cat) in the front yard."   Sure enough, you can see in this picture (toward the front) the bunny and our cat, staring it down, getting ready to pounce on it.  Mattie had been watching, found our camera, turned it on and was even pushing the right buttons AND actually getting the bunny and cat in the frame.  There are about 5 pictures like this that I found on the camera... I was quite impressed and it was oh so cute to see her paying attention to the wildlife in our yard.  I am just glad our old cat isn't agile enough to actually get a hold of the Easter Bunny in front of the 3 year old's eyes!  Whew.

Amy, Eric and Nana Jo were here again on this day.  Consensus is in :  He's a keeper!
August Day 4 - looks good in red. 

Meeting his cousins' Cash and Jhett! 
 Jaqueline came by after work "for a few minutes" and stayed until 8:30 .... she just couldn't put down the snuggly, warm, peaceful baby ... Imagine that! Other friends that visited on this day:  Abby, Levia, Chris (although we were napping when she came by).
Finally getting to meet Auntie Jacqueline! 
Day 5:

He is changing SO much and getting SO alert.  When he is awake, which is not that often, he is 100% engaged and looking at everything.  He NEVER cries when he's awake.  He just nibbles, looks around, chills out and plays with his fingers.  Such a sweet, sweet boy!

Day 6:

Madeleine had already been to the hospital to meet August on that day he was born, but she brought the kids back to meet their new friend.   They were so cute with him!  They had been cleaning their toy room all day and had a box of toys for "Baby August" - cars, trucks, and "boy stuff" that I know he will soon appreciate.  Matine is already wanting to dress him up in princess garb.  We will count on the boys to make sure he gets some boy genes too!   Sophia walked around pointing at him and repeating "baby auggie" over and over, and William was going into detail about how to hold him.  So sweet.


Morning snuggles with Matine are a MUST.  He has been sleeping in the Amby Bed (a really cool baby hammock that we also used with Matine).  He sleeps ALL night practically.  He has not woken up more than once a night since we got him home.  He has slept through the night COMPLETELY twice now... Please don't shoot me friends.   I am almost embarrassed to say what a good sleeper he is.  

At his 1 week check up he had gained 11 ounces and was again perfect in every way.  Dr. Coleman said not to worry about waking him at all to eat ... if he wants to sleep all night, let him!  He was gaining wait great and has no issues what so ever!  Good, healthy baby!

I love this image.  

Amby Baby. 
Day 8:

This was the first morning we tried to "get out and about."  Mattie had Montessori School for a 1/2 day and I thought I would go into work for an hour or two and see what bills and chaos had ensued in my absence.  It was a bit  much for a day, but I am glad we did it.  I got BOTH kids out of the house, on time without forgetting a thing!  It actually went quite smooth.  Thank goodness I have SOME of my mothers organization skills.  I had most things picked out and ready from the night before, showers had been had night before and it was just a matter of feeding breakfast, nursing and getting dressed and loaded.

Mattie was SO proud to show off her baby brother to her friends and teachers at school.  They all stood in the doorway of her classroom and congratulated her and stared at the new baby.  She politely told me I could "leave August with her at school while I went to work."  I told her not today, but thank you.

August got some attention at the Senior Center (oh yeah, I have to update everyone at some point on my new job as the Center Manager at the Park County Senior Citizens Center!)  I will do that later, babies come first!   The seniors had been anxiously awaiting my delivery and had bets and pools on the gender, size, name, etc.  They loved him and can't wait to see more of him - as he will be going with me to work as long as possible!  Yay for great jobs that you love and are flexible!

Ready for our first car ride and school!  
 Spring arrived!  Nona and Matine have been getting out of the house as much as possible and playing in the yard (thank you Nona).  Matine really really really likes gardening and watering the plants.  She has been a great little helper keeping the yard nice.  She got some new gardening gloves and it sure is nice to be outside.

Just Mattie and I spent a good amount of time eating popsicles and catching up on our chit chat while August took a 4 hour nap!  I think these pictures of her are hilarious.  THIS is the epitome of Matine...

Day 9:

Another pretty day.  Dogs needed some running.  We did our usual morning snuggles and hanging.  I had some more work to do at the Senior Center so we ran by and did a few things and then went to the park to ride our bike and let the dogs swim in the river.  It was good for me to get a bit of a walk in, and then we had lunch with Levia and baby Lucas.   Matine dumped sand all over Lucas head and he did it back to her.  It was definitely a bath night.  We also gave August his first sponge bath!

speed racer. 
Day 10:

I can't tell you what a BEAUTIFUL, sweet boy he is.  He is so peaceful and fun.  He is grinning in his sleep (and sometimes when he is awake) and he loves his long hands up by his face.  He often has his little fist or hand right at his cheek or under his chin.  He loves to be in the chair by the window where it is warm and sunny and bright.   I just can't get enough of him!  I am sparing you the 1000 pictures I have taken and just given you the highlights.  You are welcome.

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Karilee said...

Brooka, what a pleasure to read your blog today. Congratulations on your precious little boy! He's beautiful!

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