Saturday, March 10, 2012

Belly Goodness

Well, I have been TERRIBLE at regularly putting up pics of this pregnancy.  I am at 34 weeks this week (yes, that means SIX to go).  If you can't believe it, just imagine my surprise!

I am growing, growing, growing.  Things have been great.  Chasing a toddler around has made this pregnancy "more difficult" I guess I would say, but the actual pregnancy symptoms aren't much different.  My body looks and feels about the same - I am a bit more sore and stretched out feeling in the lower belly area.  I actually have a little less heartburn than I did with Matine.  I felt like with her I had it up to the very end pretty consistently.  I think it has pretty much subsided now with Baby Dos.   This kiddo likes to move a lot!  I get lots of flips and kicks and little feet and elbows throughout the day.  I love the movement.  While it can surprise me and sometimes hurt it is still such a miracle to feel its energy and life already.  I have started fantasizing a lot about what this baby looks like.  Will he/she look like Mattie?  Will it be dark haired?  Blue or brown eyes?  And of course, BOY OR GIRL?  I LOVE not knowing what it is ... It is making me excited about the upcoming labor (yes, I just typed that).

I feel really relaxed about it's arrival.  We now know how little you actually need for a baby (in terms of stuff).  We have everything in order and the room is ready to go.   I am getting my housekeeping things with my businesses in order so I can chill out a bit in April and May and just enjoy my time with our newest member.   Mattie STILL tells everyone it's a "boy" and she wants a "baby brother."  We are glad she still doesn't like the name "Horace."  She doesn't really have a name now, she just says baby boy or baby brother.  Her baby in her belly is still a girl, of course.  

I have a few friends pregnant right now, so I am super excited about sharing the new baby experience again with other great mommas.  Today was 60 plus degrees and sunny and something about the weather just made it feel more like it is almost time to have this baby!  There is something about being able to feel the sun on my face and picturing toting my kids around town with nice weather .... It just felt so good!   I also wanted to actually go for a long walk, which always makes me feel better.

These are pics of 32 weeks (2 weeks ago) and today (34 weeks).  I need to start taking these when I am actually showered and looking human.  Geez.

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