Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Snow Day!

We have only had about 3 "storms" to speak of this year and it has been a bit strange having such a dry winter.  But, when it does snow, we try to take advantage.

Today, Mattie had William and Sophia over - they played and played in the snow, "rested" on their chairs on the sauna deck, had some hot cocoa, played dress up, and finger painted... What do you do on a snow day?

Mornings always start off right with some semi-unsupervised finger painting. I am amazed at how good she actually is with paints.  She stays at her craft table, washes her hands before doing anything, and stays relatively clean.  I did have to tell her no once when she asked if she could paint her face.

We had a doctors appointment this morning.  I say "we" because I get my baby check ups and so does Matine.  They all know her in the office and love to visit with her when we get there.  Nurse Gloria always brings her treats and asks her how "her baby" is growing in her belly.  She helped the Doc measure my belly today with the little tape measure and as soon as they were done Matine walked very confidently to her drawer in the exam room - I saw the Doc take a big gasp (like oh, no!  kid going through medical drawer) and before she could say anything Matine had put the tape measure in the exact spot it came from and nicely shut the drawer.  I thought Doc's jaw was going to drop.  It was pretty funny.

After our babies were given the "a-ok" we had lunch with Mike, William and Sophia and then they came back to our place for a few hours.  The kids couldn't stand being inside once they saw that sun shining on the nice white snow - so 45 minutes later after my wholeness bundled up 3 squirming kids - they were gone.

Hot cocoa and then some dress up.  It was a day!

Mattie loves her "princess" dress and she accessorized today with a bowl on her head.  It looked just like a yarmulke and I laughed thinking how timely her support of Israel was....

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