Sunday, March 11, 2012

Things she likes

yes, that is a popsicle and those are gloves on her hands.

Our little precious weirdo.  Oh how I adore her and her "essence."  There are truly too many funny sayings or moments to even record half of them, but I thought I would make a quick list of things that she prefers, likes, or does lately.

  • She loves to wear gloves - even inside.  
  • Still loves toast. 
  • German pancakes. 
  • Nutella
  • Making messes and cleaning them up herself 
  • Cooking with mom - while standing on "her tool"  (stool) 
  • Using the potty "all by myself" 
  • Her friends 
  • Walks with mom and dad 
  • Her kitties, especially Fez
  • Sleeping on her "trundle" (trundle bed) 
  • Dinner parties
  • Medicine when she's sick 
  • Bandaids when anyone has an injury. 
  • Giving hugs and kisses 
  • Dress up of any kind 
  • Getting her fingernails and toenails painted 
  • School - particularly circle time / singing time 
  • She loves her cousins Cash and Jhett
  • Dora the Explorer 
  • the movie, Rio 
  • Playing Candy Land 
  • Telling stories 
  • Art of any kind - painting, markers, crayons, stickers
  • Saying, "its ok, don't worry, its ok, right?"  - if she spills something or messes something up
  • Feeling better - if she is at all sick or has a cold, as soon as symptoms subside she likes to announce it and proclaim, "I feel better Mom! I'm not sick anymore!"  
  • Going to the Doctors office with me for the appointments 
  • Taking baths - she will stay in it for hours 
  • Pretend cooking in her kitchen 
  • Princess books 
  • Story time of any kind, but she loves Olivia, Princess stories, Mouse Cookie books, and Dr Seuss.
  • She gets so sad when others are sad - it consumes her until they are ok. 
  • Picking out her clothes and outfits - statements like, "oh, that will be cute" or "ummmm, what dress should I wear today?" as she peruses the closet ... just like a grownup. 
  • She loves haircuts and getting her bangs trimmed 
  • She loves scissors and cutting things - anything!  
  • She likes trying to negotiate - "one more bite, not two" or "2 books tonight, ok mom, alright."  
  • SWIMMING!  She loves going to Chico to soak and swim.  Head under water, floating, kicking, jumping off the edge, visiting with all the people who wave and smile at her.  
  • She is really into asking people what their name is.  Total strangers, she MUST know what their name is and she will go right up to them and ask.  
  • She loves telling people her name is "Matine" and she is two (with 2 fingers being displayed)
  • Dancing.  She could dance all day.  To any tune.  
  • Naming body parts - she is very into naming the bones and parts of her body.  
  • Hot chocolate.  It is a must have when she wakes up while we drink our coffee. 
  • Skiing.  She lays in bed asking if she gets to ski today.  
  • She loves to declare if "its almost late" (dusk or bedtime) or "its early now mom!" (morning time)
  • A funny statement recently, "what are you doing mom?  Think about it, does that make any sense?"  - with extreme hand and head accents.  
  • She loves cuddling.  If we would let her sleep in my bed every night, she would. 
  • She loves her family.  She declares that we are family all the time and asks about ALL her grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles all the time.  
  • She loves "Skype" and "FaceTime" with friends on the computer. 
  • She's really good with manners.  Of course she goes through demanding phases, but most of the time she very naturally says, "thanks mom" or "you're welcome" and "could you please?"  
  • Baby animals - any baby animal is adored and she imagines that most things are baby animals. 
  • She has been eating a lot of chicken lately - mostly bread, cheese, noodles, fruit, crackers, milk
  • Pink 

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Katie said...

You have to print this and make sure she gets to read it when she is older. I would have loved it if my mom did this for me!

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