Thursday, March 1, 2012

And the Oscar goes to....

It was the Roger's 2nd Annual Oscar Party.  I am declaring an "annual" even if they aren't completely on board yet because it is so much fun and a nice change of pace in the middle of our long winters.  There is something fun about dressing up in sleeveless dresses that show off my wintery white pasty arms and trying to walk in heels on ice that I just can't get enough of! I also adore the costume jewelry and a reason to dig out my 1 tube of lipstick that I have had for 12 years.  Thanks Clinique.

My daughter clearly has the same love of dress up as her momma.  As you can imagine, this party might be Matine's FAVORITE of the year.   Poofy pink dress - check.  Pretty ladies with jewelry - check.  Getting to wear dress up shoes that click and gloves - check.  Talking about "Logan will dance with me?" for an entire week - check!   Thanks to Nona and her amazing finds at the thrift store, Matine had about 3 new dress up dresses to choose from for the occasion.

Check out LAST YEARS party with the link here:  I cannot believe this is what 1 year can do!  Madeleine and I are going to take this picture with our gals each year to see the growth!  Theirs and ours.  Yikes.

"I just can't accept this award!  I am so shocked.  I'd like to share it with my friend Sophia. "

Let's just say there were about 30 people there, and more than 1/2 of them were under the age of 6!  There were 3 pregnant ladies as well, which means by next year, the we will be completely outnumbered!

Guys stayed upstairs and drank beer, ladies watched the red carpet and ceremonies from the comfort of the movie room downstairs (champagne and wine in hand).  The kids ran all over.

Me and JimPa, the "french director"

I LOVE Williams bow-tie on the superhero costume!   And, Matine wore the dress Sophia is wearing last year! 

Brooke, Raluca and Aga - Due April, May and June (in that order) 

Sally, Brooke, Raluca, Aga and Debbie

Mattie and Audrey did their own Oscar performances on stage in front of the big screen. 

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