Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Red Carpet

It was Oscar night, and in true "we now have kids" style,  the Howell's, Roger's, O'Connors, and Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie family gathered for an attempt at a "big night in" at Madeleine's.  Dress up attire was a must.  Madeleine even got the ingredients to make a "Black Swan" martini in honor of the evening.  Notice I said "got the ingredients" and not "made."  When you entertain with children things don't go quite according to plan.  The drink never got made, although we tried the entire night.  Between the screaming and refereeing of play time, we saw about 3 minutes of the Red Carpet show and the rest of the time I was making sure our child didn't fall down the stairs or sit on the 12 lb Sophia.   

Oscar party dinner party - Camille, Logan, William, Madeleine, Sophia and Matine

Big dress, fancy shoes and socks, flower in her hair, 2 purses ... check!

beautiful Sophia even wore a pretty dress.
 Matine was ecstatic to dress up for the party.  Since everyday is filled with "twirly dresses," dress shoes, and fancy gloves anyways, it was very exciting to get to leave the house in such attire.  She literally gasped when I came out of the dress up box wearing a ridiculously ugly costume dress too.  We could barely get out the door because she just wanted me to dance with her.  I pulled out two purses - one for me and one for Matine to carry her paci and gloves in - she refused to pick on and ended up carrying both all evening long.   It's hard to believe this little "lady" also loves to call in elk and wears her cowboy boots to bed.  I think we are raising a proper Montana Girl.   Harvard or Ag Tech School - she will be ready for whatever life calling she has!

I asked Matine to "smile" and this is what she did... Oh my.

Sadly, of the 5 attempts at this photo, this was the best one of ALL of us. 

Our pal Mike Spencer was back visiting from Michigan.  Mike lived in Livingston since I have and we have missed him!  He came to catch up with old pals, ski and remember how cold winters really can be!

Despite our evening starting at 4:00 and ending by 7:30, we had a great time.... Oh how times have changed.  I can still smell the house after the parties of our past.  50 people crammed in our house, beer bottles EVERYWHERE and random strangers waking up in our basement... Gone are the days.  Now we are woken by baby cries and the smell is that of spilled milk and juice boxes on the counter tops. Regardless, Madeleine's Oscar Night was Abs Fab and we have to keep getting together ... otherwise we will all go insane and forget that we can speak in full sentences and be entertained by adults as well as silly kids.


Molly said...

This couldn't be a better post about how parenting changes your life...for the better. So true that adult MUST still attempt to have adult time or we'll all start loosing our marbles. Love your sweet family!

lauren and brad said...

So true! :) I'm impressed at the attempt. Matine looks gorgeous all dressed up! And that smile! She's a HOOT!

M&M said...

Great pix! I failed to capture most of the event. After everyone left, Mike and I were commenting on how we look forward to entertaining in the future when the kids are a little older and we can actually enjoy the party and converse with our guests :)

Michal said...

So true, so true.

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