Friday, March 2, 2012

Newest Additions

Just when you think things are quieting down around the Howell House, we shook things up a bit.  You know - remodels, new babies, toddlers, a million jobs ... 2 dogs, 3 fish and 3 chickens weren't enough.  We have CATS now!

Our friends Cloe and Kris and their daughter Noor live part of the year in Morocco (you can see Cloe and Kris' cool work here).  They decided it was time to find a permanent home for their two fur-kids and since Mattie is OBSESSED with cats and I am a bit hormonal and crazy, I jumped at the chance to adopt these two old gals.   We love them.  They are very sweet, laid back and have made themselves right at home.  It has actually worked out quite well with the dogs - Oliver is terrified of them and has seemed to be on his best behavior lately. I think he believes he will be permanently replaced if he wanders too far or acts to crazy.  I am loving it.

They are indoor / outdoor kitties, mainly stay downstairs in the basement and sleep and act like cats, and creep out in the evenings to cuddle while we read and watch TV.  They are getting more used to Matine and the dogs everyday.  I was impressed with how quickly it took fork her to tell the difference in the two.  They look so much alike (or you think they would to a 2.5 year old), but she is very quick to correct anyone how calls them by the wrong name.

Welcome to the family Fez and Asti!  Your world just got strange!

Asti - 12 years old

Fez - 9 years old 



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