Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Week 23 Belly

Like I mentioned, we haven't had a moment to rest for a while, but alas, we are now in Dillon at Amy and Eric's for a few days and I am making it my mission to do NOTHING. I have 2 books, the computer, a camera, some card games, and NO problem watching a million movies if I want to.

This kid, just like Mattie, is getting used to the Howell way in utero - go, go, and more go! I spent 4 hours on Monday skiing with Matine. I really should use the term loosely. Skiing with a 2.5 year old means holding her while in a crouched position as she slides down the hill, playing cat and mouse games while skiing backwards, LOTS of lifting her out of the snow, falling in the snow (because "it's fun mom, fall with me!"), and bending over, up and down, putting on skis, carrying gear, and tracking down hats, gloves and helmets. ALL well worth it to see the pure thrill on her face when she is "skiing" but that day alone would wipe most 23 week pregnant mommas out for a good day. Add that to the excitement and NON STOP talking, walking, entertaining with my dad and bro and I am whooped!

So, here I am - Pete has Mattie on the ranch somewhere looking at horses and I am taking photo booth pics of my belly for the adoring blog readers who actually care what my burgeoning body looks like with Baby Howell #2.

I am feeling great.  No more tiredness that normal, no weird cravings or pains.  I am experiencing the Braxton Hicks contractions ALOT and have been for a week or so. I get them every hour or so and they are quite noticeable.  My mother, the nurse and concerned parent, insists I need to slow down and rest more.    This baby is a MOVER!  She/He is always kicking and turning and  moving around.  I feel it all day and night and am having a lot of fun picturing the little thing in there just grooving.   My eyes are bigger than my belly now ... I feel hungry a lot but I can't get that much in.  

Mattie is still convinced she has a baby in her belly and likes to check on the one in mine anytime we have Nona's otoscope or stethoscope out.  She gets very serious and will put the heart beat thing up to the belly, the ear pieces in and she quietly listens to the sounds.  The other day I asked her what she heard, what the baby was saying?   Her reply was:  the baby is saying, "whaaa whaaaa."  We laughed really hard.   I guess she was listening to me when I explained the baby might cry sometimes when it comes out.

She also insists that the baby in my belly is a "boy" and when asked what the baby's name was the other day, she very confidently proclaimed, "Horace."  Hmmm... that might be at the bottom of the boy list.  For those of you keeping track... the baby in HER belly is a girl.   She has no name, just "baby girl."

I feel like I am bigger with this pregnancy than the last, but then I realize how far along we are and I guess it's not all that strange.  I am measuring the same and about the same for weight gain as last time.   I am pretty much wearing maternity pants most of the time - they are really MUCH more comfortable than my rubber band trick normal pants.   It is just going by so fast I am having a hard time mentally catching up with all the changes in my body!

As always, the boobs feel enormous and kind of gross me out.  I feel like a cow but know I will be grateful when I have a healthy baby that I can feed on demand.  

The Baby got some presents for Christmas... A beautiful hand knit blanket from Nana Jo, a cool travel highchair contraption from Peter and I, and a darling Oklahoma onesie from Clark and Sammi.   I also found a super soft all white outfit while shopping the other day that I couldn't resist.   It's all sinking in and this baby is going to be here in about 16 weeks... HOLY COW!   We are going to start getting the baby room ready next week!

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taylor said...

How exciting for you Brooke! So happy for you and your little family.

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