Thursday, December 29, 2011

60's Christmas

I adore our little town in Livingston.  Not only is it breathtakingly beautiful.  See for yourself ... This was taken on Christmas Eve.
I stole this picture from Melynda's Facebook page and she did NOT take it... artist unknown. 

It is filled with equally beautiful and FUN people.   Dorel threw a super chic 60's cocktail / holiday party earlier in the month.  It was fabulous and oh so much fun to dress up fancy and imagine us all living the hippy / mod life of the 60's.  Great night.  And as always, fantastic people!

Dorel and Deena

Kevin, Chad, Mike and Henry --- so adorable. 

Jim and Henry - showing the 2 sides of the 60's. 

Sally and Kathy and Mike Kasic 

Lauren and Kyra!  

Chantelle and Meriweather 

Chad and his extra dirty Martini

The kissing O'Connors

me and Sally 

Baby got some sparkles that night! 

Chad and Amy 

the scene

Jen, Sally and Meriweather ... oh ladies, you just look so chic.

Mary making up some martinis! 
Happy Holidays!

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