Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ski Bunny

Just like most people can only take the Cottongim's in little doses, so I will give you the Holiday blog posts.  It was a full week of fun, family, and Holiday cheer.  Dad got here on Tuesday, Clark and Sammi on Wednesday, and we didn't waste single minute of the entire week.   We put Clark and Sammi on a plane this morning and I am just now catching my breath (literally).  It's been nuts.  The good kind of nuts that leaves you smiling and counting your lucky stars.

We started the week with a great night out to dinner at the 2nd Street Bistro.  We ordered a million appetizers and many rounds of drinks.  They must have seen (heard) us coming and stuck is deep in the "wine cave" of the restaurant where our voices could soar and talk loudly over one another.  Bless Matine's heart, she is learning how to be a loud know-it-all from the best!

Nona and Jimpa at dinner (Mattie STILL wearing Grandpa Scotts glasses).

Thursday morning we were determined to find snow.  We drove to Red Lodge where they are having a legendary early season.  This apparently is the ONLY snow in the state right now and they had just received 16 inches within the last 3 days.  We had to see it to believe it.

Clark said Sammi had one final test to determine if this relationship could really work ... Would she like skiing?   He says she doesn't have to be great at it, but had to like it.  Being the sarcastic ass that he can be, he teases her about not ever being on snow because of her upbringing in the "sands of Baghdad", etc. ...

Clark and his beauty, Sammi. 

Sammi passed the test!   It was her first ever time on skis and within a few hours she was linking turns, stopping, and skiing all over the bunny hill and beginner lifts.   She even managed to smile while doing it.   We had a great a time in Red Lodge.  The snow was really that good and dad, Clark and I all got some fluffy powder runs in.    I am so happy to get a couple of days in before I am too top heavy to ski safely.  The baby (and me) enjoyed that powder and skiing a bit too fast .... Yippee!

We stayed at The Yodeler Motel in Red Lodge - great place.  They are catering to the active/outdoorsy crowd and have in room steam baths, a ski waxing room, hot tub and discount lift tickets.  Clean, nice place with great people behind the counter.  I will be leaving a great recommendation for this place on the online judgement sites!

Cottongim Ski Club is BACK! 

Me and my pops!  Love this man. 
The only pics that we took in Red Lodge were with the iPhones.  The rest of the week is documented much more thoroughly.     More to come...

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