Saturday, November 5, 2011

Uncle Clark Catch Up

Yikes, back in September Uncle Clark and two of his buddies, Michael and Jeremy came to visit. Objective: Montana adventure. They white water rafted (burr), fly fished and tried to see as much as they could in 4 days.

Mattie was in HEAVEN! She adores her Uncle and then to have two of his friends (who both have little kids) with him to dote, wrestle, and play with her. Heaven. These boys took over bed time story duty and let me tell you - Where the Wild Things Are has never been read with more enthusiasm - ever! It was a super fun mini-week.

Fishing in Yellowstone National Park - Clark, Jeremy and Michael 

Catching a ride in Yellowstone with Dad. 

rocks and dirt.  heaven.

those cheeks! 

She was attached to Clark's hip and loved playing Angry Birds on the iPhone.

1 comment:

Mel said...

Can Uncle Clark come take over a couple bedtimes at my house? We have a copy of "Where the Wild Things Are."

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