Sunday, November 13, 2011

These are my boys

Mattie is getting quite comfortable with travel, flights and being on the go.  This last October's trip to Florida was her 5th or 6th flight in her 2+ years on earth.  She loves the planes, the experience, and especially, the people!

Flight number 2 of the day - we were on our Minneapolis to Jacksonville leg.  Mid-flight she strikes up a conversation with the passengers directly behind us.  Turned around and standing in her seat, she asks them with perfect clarity, "what's your name?"  The nice couple who looked to be in their early 60's answer her back, asking her what her name is ... they get the usual response "My names Maaaateeen" (finger pointing to her chest), "I'm two" (2 fingers in the air).  She asks the couple "how old are you?"  They laugh and say something to the effect of "not two!"   Mattie proceeds to babble on about the beach, being in an airplane, her daddy, and a million other things that run through her overactive two year old brain.

The nice couple starts telling her that they have grandkids her age.  Mattie is very interested in "their kids" at this point and asks all about them.  Like every good grandma, the woman pulls out a picture of "her kids" from her wallet and shows Matine.  Mattie takes the picture and examines it closely, studying it, smiling and then saids, "aw, they are cute," and hands her the picture back.  The couple and about 12 other passengers have been listening and start to laugh and are now really paying attention to this funny two year old carrying on a very legitimate and adult like conversation (all clearly spoken and comprehensible).

After a few more minutes of questions, talking, and funny kid conversation, Mattie bends down to our seat and takes the kleenex that we have been using to wipe her face and nose.  It is no ordinary kleenex.  It is one of the cute ones which only my mother finds and gives me.    It has a cartoon baby on it reading a book that says, "how to raise parents."

Mattie grabs the kleenex, holds it up to the couple and says, "these are my boys."  The little gal just had to show off HER kids to these folks too!

I thought the entire back of the plane was going to die of laughter.  I could not believe she did this.

That just about sums up the personality of our kiddo.  Funny, smart girl!

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Michal said...

She's SO funny. Would love to have a conversation w/ the little gal sometime. Yes, phone date ASAP!

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