Friday, November 4, 2011

Dress Up and Tea Parties

Little girls... I never in a million years dreamed I would have such  "girly" girl.   I have to admit, it is a LOT of fun!  I am astonished at how much of it is just engrained and part of her DNA...

She loves dress up, make-up, brushing hair, pretty things, clip on earrings (like my grandmother wore), necklaces, pretty shoes, barbies, and pink.  She stands on the toilet every day and "puts on my makeup."  Yesterday, I left the bathroom while she was still pretending with her makeup and it got really quiet after about 1 minute.  I shout back to her and ask her what she was doing - her reply:  "Oh, just putting some mascara on my boobies."

Today she can Audrey are playing "princess" and they both have on veils and dress up dresses and women's size 8 heels.  Please remember we live in MONTANA and hardly ever have an occasion to dress up. I guess the Sound of Music, the few weddings we have been two and the half a dozen times she has seen me in a dress has really made an impression!

My favorite is how sweet she is with her "pretty" things.  She will find mardi gras beads and come running to me and say, "look out bootifull momma."  Or lately with her earrings, she will bring them to me to put on her ears and she will say, "they are berry special."   She is so careful with her things and just loves treating them gently and with kindness.  I love this about her.  

She breaks into song all the time, usually when playing with her animals, babies, or dressed up.  She must be imagining that she is on stage, holding her baby in a nursery, or something.  It's precious.

Here are some girl moments lately.

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