Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Belly Pic Time - 15 weeks

I am trying to do my best and chronicle this Baby's development like I was able Matine's pregnancy.  Granted, this is already proving a bit more challenging, but I am determined to try.

This baby is exactly 12 days earlier in terms of conception day, due date, etc.  Pretty weird and kind of nice for comparison.  Mattie was due on May 5th, 2009 and this little guy/gal is due April 22, 2012.  Nearly 3 years apart - heck, they could be born the same day (if God was playing a cruel joke on me). tells me that the baby at 15 weeks is approximately the size of an apple - 4 inches from crown to rump.  He/She is moving around and kicking, but I won't feel it for another 4 weeks or so.   It can move all it's joints and limbs and has legs longer than it's body now.

Here is a picture of what "the belly" (or really the 'Lack of Waist') looks like this week - week 15.

Side note:  We must be a morning family because EVERY single belly picture we take is just after we get up ... I think it's the only time we are all three in the same room!  Please notice Mattie's awesome morning hair!

PLEASE disregard the down booties and night gown - there is NO glamour in this house!  yikes.

And for comparison, this is what I looked like at 15 weeks with Mattie... I was a bit smaller then.  I definitely "showed" earlier with this one and I am 4 pounds heavier (that could be because I went into the pregnancy heavier too ... oops).

circa 2008 with Matine

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Mark and Megan said...

Congratulations! Matine will be an awesome big sister. And I loved her little Mary Poppins costume, so adorable. I love reading your posts about her - she has such a big personality : )

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