Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Keely and Tom!

What a wedding!  Truly one of the most romantic, sweet, beautiful, meaningful and fun weddings I have ever been to.  Keely and Tom are two of those people who are honestly, "soul mates."  I know, I know... so cheesy and let me tell you, I don't use that term lightly, if ever.  You just see them together and you know it is 100% right.   My friend since 3rd grade was the most gorgeous bride I have ever seen.  She glowed.  All the other bridesmaids were a blast, Tom's friends and family was terrific.  I could have hung out with all of these people the rest of my life.

It was at a gorgeous place called Devil's Thumb Ranch just outside of Winter Park, CO.  Top of the line, classy, beautiful place.  Mom, Matine and I made the trip into a girls weekend and we had a BLAST!  We started in Denver with 2 nights of City living, shopping and eating.  We had no idea what awaited us at this Ranch.  We felt very important and fancy.  Matine got right into the groove of things, loved calling room service for some toast and fruit, and thought it was VERY fun that she could talk on a telephone while pretending to poop on the potty.   She kept talking about how comfortable the beds were and what a good nights sleep she had.   Thanks to the saintliness of my mother, I was able to enjoy all the wedding festivities and commitments with Keely and girls, all knowing Mattie and mom were entertaining themselves with hot tubs, petting zoos, game rooms, fancy meals in the lodge and cozy naps in the nice sheets!  

On the day of the wedding it took mom, dad and Rosa (yes, they drove in from Tulsa too) to corral Mattie during the ceremony and reception.  She was so anxious to see Keely in her "pretty white dress" and "dance" that she could hardly pay attention to anything else.  And did she dance.  She danced from the first song she could until 9:30... non-stop. Only stopping long enough to request that I bring her water to the dance floor.  Seriously, she refused to stop dancing, she told me to bring it to her - she wouldn't walk to the table to drink it.  She had every young and old person at the wedding laughing and trying to take a turn with her on the floor.   We have SUCH a party girl!

All in all - one of the most memorable weeks of my life. I ADORE time with my mom like that, loved that I could share Mattie with her and my friends, and just enjoyed a nice, fun change of pace and a little bit of much needed indulgence.   The only near catastrophe was our attempt to go to Ikea with Mattie after she had no nap... WHAT WERE WE THINKING?  We were so excited to go to Ikea without men.... I thought I could leave her at the daycare in the store but alas, she had to be potty trained to stay there.  I was almost cursing her non-potty trained bottom the entire, grueling 2 + hours of Ikea Hell.  Here's to LOVE and GIRLS WEEKENDS!

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Michal said...

OMG! I just got caught up on your blog. And you're pregnant?!? HOLY FREAKIN COW, Friend. I got so excited I almost peed my pants when I read your news. I screamed so loud that everyone in the office asked what happened. Wish I were there to wrap my arms around you and tell you how excited I am for you in person! Love you tons.

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