Friday, November 18, 2011

17 - 18 Weeks Belly

Well,  we are approximately 17 - 18 weeks along. Yay!  Feeling great and still lucky to have a very "uneventful" pregnancy.   I think keeping up with Mattie has made this pregnancy go MUCH faster than the first.  That is good and bad for me.  I feel a bit guilty that I am not doting over every grumble, movement and pound, but I still feel like I am taking as much time as I can to give this little Bun in the Oven some TLC and love.  I THINK I felt some movement last night.  It was the "fluttering" feeling that I felt with Mattie around 20 weeks.

I am looking (and feeling) fatter this time.  Probably because I just am... not complaining, just stating.  No cravings or urges.  No pain or symptoms.  The hardest part is trying to explain to my Jumping Bean toddler that she can't jump endlessly up and down on my belly.  This poor kid is going to be born with a bruise on it's forehead from Mattie's elbows and knees.  I am assured by other moms of toddlers that all the belly abuse shouldn't affect the unborn's intelligence too much.  We will see.

So, here is a picture ... I don't have exactly an 18 week update or pic from last time - this is a 20 week update (link here) from Mattie's pregnancy.   Similar I suppose.

17 - 18 weeks .... and my little helper of course, showing off her belly.

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Meggan Carrigg Davidson said...

I love that Mattie is in these photos - really great idea!! You look fabulous!!! Enjoy the movements - you just brought me back to this time last year for me with Brody!! so fun - thank you:)

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