Saturday, November 19, 2011

Lady Gaga and her pals

I fell like I might be living with Lady Gaga ... or something equally strange.  Here is a SMALL sampling (seriously, I can hardly get the camera before the outfits are changed) of Mattie's latest designs that she sports around the house (and out when she can).

Because every gal loves wearing an apron naked.... 

Go Pokes!  

Just an everyday house outfit... An homage to kermit apparently

One of my fans... the tutu puppy ensemble!!! 

Heels, boots and Mary Poppins hat ... ready for the paparazzi! 

Playing my little ponies while wearing her bee-hat and undies. 
Now, dress up is MUCH more fun when you have friends to dress up too.  Audrey spent Friday morning with us, and I could hardly keep up with all the costume changes this duo had up their sleeves.

Because it was cold in the house, apparently.

And then sunny?

1 comment:

Lindsey Hubble said...

This is BY FAR my favorite post ever. So insanely, ridiculously cute - Matine is quite original. I wonder where she gets it? :) Take care!

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