Sunday, August 14, 2011

Where's the Pig?

We don't miss the Annual Baldner/Rogers Birthday bash each summer.  Mike Rogers and Theresa Baldner have birthdays within days of each other and they always throw a fun shindig up at the Baldner's beautiful property just outside of the City Limits.  This year: pig roast, beer, lots of kids, potluck sides, and terrific friends.

Mattie overheard people talking about "the pig" and naturally assumed there was a little pink Wilbur running around.  She asked about every 15 minutes "Momma, I want to see the pig.   I want to hold it?"  I don't want to deceive her but also understand that the concept of eating our four legged friends is pretty horrific and difficult to even grasp at 27 months, so I very carefully showed her the BBQ'ed pig and said that is pig meat in the grill.  She looked at it with no reaction and then went about playing.  She clearly (thank goodness) couldn't make that connection and just kept asking when she could see the pig ... Crisis averted (for now)... we still have a meat eater.

The kids played and frolicked.  It was a perfect night.  Perfect weather.  A great mix of music blaring (a perk to having no neighbors), and as always, I just want to cry to see all our friends - they are so wonderful.  I drank a few too many beers and we eventually left around 9:30 - when our party girl FINALLY showed signs of slowing down.  

Another wonderful summer memory for the scrapbook!

every party needs a little picnic blanket cribbage game!

the demise of Wilbur

Matine obsessed with Christy's dog ... of course.  "I hold it."

Henry and Finn - always adorable.

THE Rob Bankston!

My beautiful friends and their beautiful babies.

Megan and Elias - after a brief move to Boulder, CO - they are BACK for good!

My favorite shots of the night.  The girls playing in the flowers.

Having so much fun.

The fire was a HIT!  AND, all the kids stayed behind the green hose line like good boys and girls.

Me and Tony chatting - Peter said I looked like I was wearing a maternity dress. So much for trying to be fashionable in a maxi dress!  Ugh....

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Meg Taylor said...

you look fashionable!!!!!!

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