Sunday, August 28, 2011

History Lesson

I know I have been MIA for a couple of weeks.  LOTS of summer fun (and pictures) to be had ... stay tuned, I promise I will play catch up one of these days.  Until then, I have some fun pictures to share.

Anyone who knows me (or my family) knows how over-the top PROUD and excited we are to talk about our family and family history.  It's always been that way and it always will be.  I was raised going to our family reunions (multiple) each year, rain or shine.  We didn't skip out on them for a cool party with friends, sporting event ... nothing.  Family is the most important thing and it was bred into me that the bonds and time you spend with your extended family is just as important as a brother or sister.   Most people are happy if they see their brothers or sister or first cousins once a year.  Not the Jarvis - Cottongim Clan.  No, multiple generations and 2nd, 3rd and even 4th cousins gather each May and September - no fail. 

My great grandmother Lois Ann Brown Jarvis and great grandfather Louis Richard had SEVENTEEN (17) children.  My grandmother, Pauline (my dad's mom) was the youngest of the 17.  As you can imagine, just that branch of the family tree makes up a small village.   The coolest part of it all is that you could as any of my dad's 52 first cousins who someone is in any picture, or whose car or house is in a picture and they could all tell you.  They stayed close and strong all these years, and that is only because they were raised by people who stuck close and strong for a hundred years before that. 

I can't make the fall reunion again this year (see the sadness on my face) but I wish I could.  I hope to be able to take Mattie to these reunions someday and let her develop a sense of pride and honor for her heritage.  These are all amazing people with huge hearts and smiles - all interesting in their own way.   Here are a few of the pics I stole from our Family Facebook Page (yes, we even have a facebook page)

My grandpa Keith - dad's dad ... See the resemblance to anyone?

Aunt Jerry and my grandmother (dad's mom) Pauline - they were all beautiful women!

My great grandmother Lois (the mom of 17) taking a break from child rearing to fish apparently....

Aunt Mary, Grandma Lois, Uncle Andy, and my grandmother Pauline- this picture looks straight out of Madmen to me

Uncle Doc - always looks so cool in his pictures.

Mother - Daughter Pose - Great Grandma with her girls. I love how they are so giggly!

Some of the boys of the 17 - this was taken at the funeral of the 3rd oldest, Joe's funeral.  He died in a plane crash in Oklahoma.

My grandmother Pauline, holding her 2nd oldest, my Aunt Susie.  She was so pretty!

All the kids that were still living when their mom, Lois died  (taken at her funeral) .

I have a million more pictures I could post - similar poses and stories... But of my dad and aunts holding us as babies and playing at reunions.  Now WE have the kids and have more generations running around the same places.  Different hairstyles and clothes but it is fun to see the same smiles and those Jarvis genes going strong!

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Susan Roberts said...

I love this tribute! Thank you Brooke!!

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