Friday, August 12, 2011

Keely and Tom Sitting in a Tree!

I cannot wait until October 15th!

One of my OLDEST and BEST friends is getting married in Colorado at Devil's Thumb Ranch.  She finally met the man of her dreams, and let me tell you folks, NO ONE deserves a great man more than Keely! 

This gal has been one of my best friends since Kindergarten!  Oh the things we have seen and done together - grade school pranks, slumber parties, church camp, ski trips, high school pranks and antics, Yearbook, riding bikes around neighborhoods, marriages (mine), travels around the US, lots of laughing and just GOOD STUFF!   I have looked up to this girl since I met her ... always envying her perfect hair, great style and amazing beauty (inside and out).  Keely has always been waaayyy cooler than I could ever dream of being.  You have to make sure your friends are cooler than you ... It just makes good sense.

Keely, thanks for letting me a part of your day and THANK YOU for being my friend for all of these amazing years.  I love you so much!

Keely meets Matine

Pool party at Keely's house in Tulsa. 1990 - we are the two in the matching suits - of course.  All of the hair in this photo is really quite amazing ...

4th grade with our Teacher Miss Slack - Check out her perfect bangs ... We used to measure them with a ruler every morning, sitting next to each other at our adjacent desks.  Mine were not looking so hot on this humid Oklahoma day.
I can't wait to see Keely and Tom get married! 

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