Friday, August 12, 2011

my bro is 29!

It's a month of birthdays ... big ones, my favorite people.  So here goes another shout out and thanks to a person I would be absolutely LOST without.  Clarkie, you are the best.  You are the funniest, most loyal, hard working, quirkiest, most creative, intelligent, interesting, brave man I know.  You embody the phrase "live everyday as if it were your last." 

2006 - Ski Trip to Austria

Meeting my Little Brother in 1982!
 I look up to you little brother in so many ways, but my favorite thing about you is your enthusiasm for LIFE... all of it.  You love the gritty parts, the humor, the scary stuff, the adventure, the love and all of the smells, feelings, tastes and things that living a FULL life brings.   Thank you for being just as excited to tell me about a new favorite recipe as you are a concert you saw.   You are surrounded by amazing people and friends because YOU are amazing and a friend.  You are magnetic and contagious and people adore you because you are real and sincere and WANT to know people, in and out.  You are ALWAYS there for me... the first to call me to the table but the first to give me a hug and tell me you love me.  Thanks for being on my team since the day I met you.  You are my best friend ... always.  I hope we have many, many, many more adventures together!  Never lose you hunger for all things beautiful! 

He loves Montana!

What?  Did we really get along THAT well?

How I remember you most.

With his favorite niece this summer.

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Anonymous said...

this is why parents have more than one child . . . I have always been so proud to say my children are best friends . . . love to you both, mom.

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