Thursday, July 28, 2011

PBR Rodeo welcomes the Bynums

It has been a very fun week.   Jim's kids are here and it is always great to see them.  It's their first time to Montana and I know they are extremely grateful to be out of the hot hellishness of Oklahoma for a week.  They have enjoyed the cool evening temps, highs in teh 80's, hikes to waterfalls, bike rides around town, and even Yellowstone National Park!  Matine is in love with this week's cousin du jour.  Last week she was attached at the hip to Sam Cottongim, this week it's Ty, Stacee and David's son.   I keep saying it, but I am REALLY not sure what we are going to do about this gal... there is just too much love to go around with her.

Last night we all went to the PBR Rodeo.  If you remember last year we did the PBR when Clark and Richie were in town, this year it was just as much fun.   Matine, Peter, Sally and I had a little date night at the Bistro before the event, and I could hardly contain her, as she was READY to "see the bulls!"  This kid loves a rodeo.  Great night was had by all and as usual, the Livingston backdrop was as pretty as a summer night in the mountains could ever be.

My sweet date, reading the menu and deciding on some water and pizza ....

I LOVE my gal.

What a crowd.  My family is the best ever.... seriously.  

Chris, Katie and Kirk Bynum

Ready for the action!

There's nothing better than 40 hot cowboys in a line.

Mattie loved it all... the bulls, the clown, the singing, clapping, cheering .... Needing a closer look.

My mom is SO cute... She is really fitting in well in Livingston.  I think the mountains suit her just fine!

Montana's own, Flint Rasmussen... the famous rodeo clown. 

Our backdrop for the night.... Ahhhhhh

Cheering and catching prizes.

My sweet, beautiful, thoughtful, fun, loyal friend Sally!

Mattie holding on to her prize ... When do we tell her about this kissing cousins thing?

Her new BF, Ty.
More pictures to come of the rest of the Bynum's trip ....

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