Monday, August 8, 2011

"my nona"

 Today is my sweet Mother's birthday.  Wow.  It's hard to imagine another year has gone by and I have been lucky enough to spend nearly the ENTIRE year with her just a few blocks away.   Having her by down the street and close to our lives has been one of the greatest blessings of my life.  I can't imagine not being able to share the craziest, most amazing years of my life without her.  NO ONE loves our child, me, or my world more than my mom.  She has been a steady, consistent, and faithful "fan" of me for as long as I can remember, but I have never needed or WANTED her here more than the last 2 years.   From drop in play dates with Matine, sharing dinners, recipes, an extra hand with the smallest to largest home improvements, someone to run errands with, have a beer with, go shopping with, or just to call and tell a funny Matine story... She is always willing, ready and delighted.  She's amazing.  My mother has an unbelievable way of being the perfect blend of fun, outgoing, friend who you always want around and also a "mom."  She knows when to just smile and laugh and when to sit me down and give me that counsel and advice that only a Mother can do.  She is Super-Mom.

Circa 1982 - Brooke, Mom and Clark
Everyday I am AMAZED at her talents and enthusiasm for anything that she does.  She can decorate on a dime like no-ones business, she can see the most beautiful potential in things that I would never give a second glance to, and she has in less than 2 years made for she and Jim (and our family) the most beautiful, warm and inviting home.  She loves that people can just show up, get a beer from the fridge and relax - she is a master at making people feel welcome and love; and let me tell you, half of Livingston adores Kerri!   I am so proud to introduce her to my friends and the irony is that they are now HER friends, OUR friends.  Our entire community has embraced she and Jim because they are so good at embracing others.  I am so proud to have her in my life.

2009 - Thanksgiving

If you haven't seen my mother with her grand-daughter, you should.  It is the most beautiful thing to behold. So many days I watch them together and it literally brings me to tears.   She ADORES Matine and somehow knows EXACTLY what she wants, needs and desires at any moment. We joke that Matine is always so perfect and happy at "Nona's because she never tells her 'no'" but I know that isn't entirely true.   It is taking a Village to raise that little one and I am sure grateful to have her on my team.

2011 - July

My mother seems to have found her true calling as a Grandma and it is contagious and delightful to see.  Games, crafts, puppets, movies, bike rides, baking, sewing, swinging, napping, sharing snacks ... They do it ALL together and she always makes it MORE FUN than anyone else.   Mattie looks at her with such adoration and I LOVE that she begs to go to her "Nona's house" or asks if "Nona is coming" when we get dressed to go somewhere.  They have an amazing bond that I know will be the forever and I can't ever thank my amazing mother enough for taking the time, opening her generous heart, and allowing my child to love her so much.   My mom has been many things to me over the years (counselor, nurse, teacher, friend, resource guide, personal seamstress/gardener/shopper, etc) but the greatest thing yet has been getting to share Mattie with her.  I have more respect, love and understanding about what it meant to be my mom now that I am a mother.  Mom, somehow, you made it look pretty darn effortless.  And I know Clark and I weren't always the easiest kids.   You always make the time, have the energy, the smile and the love that I need.  Always.  I love you so much and have no idea what I would do without you.  You are the strongest, bravest, most beautiful and interesting friend, mother and woman I know ... I hope I am half the person you are ... someday.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY KERRI NONA!

2010 - Vancouver Trip


Amy said...

Mmmmmaybe just got a little teary eyed. What a great post about your mother and I know if she read it she might be in tears. So sweet...and true!

Carissa said...

Wow.what amazing words for your mother. I can't imagine a better bday gift than having your daughter say such loving things about you,

Meg Taylor said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY godmother!!!

taylor said...

i love this, brooke. very special and i'm sure your mom loved reading this.

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