Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I freaking love my life

Dear Life,

I heart you.  There are moments, days, weeks, seconds that I take so many deep breaths because I just don't want to miss something, not appreciate it all.  Summer.  Montana.  My kick ass brother and best friend.  My husband.  My beautiful child.  This community where I live.  Live music.  The mountains.  The rivers.  My friends.  A slow pace.  Real beauty.  A life that allows you to chill out and enjoy it. 

It has been a CRAZY fun week and you will see why I have been MIA and why I FREAKING LOVE MY LIFE! 

I picked up Clark and his super cool friend Ritchie from the airport last Wednesday morning and hit the ground running!  They were such gentlemen.  The immediately went with me to help finish up some last minute work we had to do at one of the houses we caretake in the Valley.  Maybe I should rephrase that - they did the work for me!  See the road behind Clark.  Yeah, he weed-eated that for me.  I think he's flexing here.

Looking tough Clark and Ritchie ... Just like those cowboys 

We headed to the PBR Rodeo that night.  To see the pro bull riders right here in Livingston was pretty cool.  To stand in a torrential downpour and then watch the clouds part, the sky clear and see rainbows over the mountains - pretty cool too.  Sally, Brian, Meriweather, Aaron, our friend Josh from Missoula and the Oklahoma Duo all got wet and had a great time as well.

The only thing prettier than this view might have been "Sevi" the cowboy from Tupelo, Oklahoma's ride!

Aaron and Josh getting excited about something - likely a hot cowboy. 
Thanks for the Bud-Heavy run Brian!
Sunset over Livingston Peak
My new friend Ritchie - this dude rocks.
I kinda like this guy too. Maybe we have had one too many tall boys at this point.
The night really just began at the Rodeo.  We all went to The Murray for dancing and drinking.  It was parent's night out in Livingston (thanks to Joellyn and all the babysitters that pitched in to give us "moms and dads" a real night out).  We danced to 10 Foot Tall and 80 Proof and had a boot scootin' good time!

This was Day 1 of Clark and Ritchie's Invasion of Montana.   More to come....

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