Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A round of Montana for all!

One of the joys of having a baby - you REALLY appreciate a good night out with adults, as they are few and far between.  The mega downer to that - your child still wakes at 6am, regardless of how bad your head is throbbing.  We all loved our Rodeo and Murray night, but it came at a price.  Pete and Josh (staying with us this week as well) had to wake up and guide the next morning.  I had a bubbly toddler to chase around and Clark and Ritchie were ready to rally again and pack as much in to Day 2 as they had Day 1.  Here we go again ....
down to the river to fish and splash around
This kid has the life, man.
just had to insert this cute baby in there
Our favorite swim hole along the Yellowstone - it's shallow canal with sandy bottom - perfect for little baby buns and toes
Boyfriend Sullivan has to come of course.
Clark and Ritchie got a bit of their fishing fix on (catching nothing) and then Ritchie decided to bite the bullet and get some custom made cowboy boots made from Bowman's Boot Company in Livingston.  They are going to be awesome when they are done in 4-5 months!  He did however win a sweet bet with Wayne, the proprietor and boot maker, when Wayne said he'd "flip" Ritchie double or nothing for the deposit on the boots.  Ritchie won and got $250 off his boots!  It must be that good Oklahoma luck.

Without an hour wasted, we showered, left Matine with Sully and Emily for the evening, and headed to Virginia City, MT for the Brewery Follies.  I can't really describe VC or the Follies.  You truly have to experience it for yourself.  Funniest "show" I have ever seen and I might be a bit scarred because of it.   We enjoyed walking the wooden streets of the 19th century mining town, drinking beer and playing darts at the Pioneer Bar, and peeing our pants at the antics of the Brewery Folly Players. 

the original brewery where the show is held ... very cool place
 Yet again, it's 2am, and Brooke is still awake!  Yikes!


Carissa said...

Did you get a new camera girl? You are getting some super cool pics! That one of Matine in the water...just want to blow it up to a poster size! What a cutie! And the ones of Virginia City are awesome too! Sure making me want to bring my camera to Montana for a visit! :)

Carissa said...

P.S. - Not that you haven't ALWAYS taken super cool pics. They just seem extra super cool lately. :)

Mel said...

H got up with the boys the day after PBR--lucky me! Then they went to daycare for the day.

I still haven't seen the follies, but have heard all sorts of stories.

And yes, nice photos.

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