Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Had enough yet?

I'm exhausted just recounting the last 5-days with Clarkster and Ritchie.  Seriously.  I fell asleep while having a conversation with a friend the other day.   Friend, again, I am very sorry about that.  So, Day 3 was packed full of fun and experiences too.

The boys did a lot of floating in the river on tubes and just frolicking like 8-year olds in the water.  They discovered the magic and the fine taste of Schmidt Beer.  They didn't even care that it was storming part of the day.   Folks, Clark and Ritchie bought up all the Schmidt beer in Park County - and drank it all.   This led to some fun with the camera, airstream, redneck dodge pick up truck, and of course, Schmidt.  They were a little Schmidtty after consuming all this beer.  If you know my brother at all, you understand how "in" to taking pictures of the Schmidt beer and "scenes" he was.  We took pictures of the can, the drinker, the props in every possible angle and way.   How classy is Clark with his Schmidt, a 1-ton and baby seat?  Classy.
he's not really driving, please don't send the DUI task force - just posing in the Dodge.
An Airstream and Schmidt beer - these boys were in heaven!

1,000 Schmidt jokes later, we lunched on the patio at Pine Creek Cafe - local beef hamburgers, green chile soup, Matine ate mac and cheese.  Yummy.  We then went to the Ranch where the horses get to stay (lucky horses) and went for a little ride.   I was really proud of myself for catching and saddling the horses all by myself!  Another thing to add to my "I'm a Bad-Ass Woman Resume."   Peter really wants me to be just as competent with the whole horse-thing as he is, but I have to admit, it might be wise for me to play dumb so I don't have to do it all - a lot goes in to caring for our furry friends. My arms are also too short to start our lawn mower, by the way.

Anyhow, the horses have been free grazing in the fields for a month now and they were SO FAT!  I could hardly get the saddles on them.  Clark and Ritchie took Demo and Attie for a stroll up the roads and Matine and I followed in the jog stroller.  Then we just enjoyed the scenery and took some fun pictures of the cool old barns on the property.

That night, we BBQ'd at the house and enjoyed another thunderstorm.  Montana days and nights are magical.  Sorry friends in the South - I hear it's 115 degrees right now?  Ick.  I have lots of room in the house and the Airstream for you when you give up.
Cowboy Clark took control and dominated Attie this time - no more black eyes and lost hats.
this dog LOVES truck rides and horseback rides.
could your tongue hang any lower, Oliver?
the cowboys
running horses!  keep running gals - you have about 400 lbs to lose before September!
Clark took this cool shot in an old barn - he thinks it was symbolic of a mother opening the doors of the world to her daughter - all gritty and beautiful at the same time....
this is my gal -- running with all her heart - all the time.  my heart hurts to look at this picture - i love her SO much.

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Meggan Carrigg Davidson said...

LOVE - absolutely love these posts on what you have been up to!! I love how much you love life - you are truly inspiring:)

Miss seeing you!

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