Thursday, August 5, 2010

Slidin' Time

Come on friend, let's slide... you first.
Oh, wait, we need to look cute really quick for a picture first.  Cheese.
Yay!  Go Sully! 
How about we go together, at the same time this time!
Why don't you do this without shoes this time.  I'll just take them and keep them safe for you.
See ya... Head first is WAY more fun.  Still have your shoes. 
If you want them, you have to scale the slide and come and get them!
Head first again ... I'll bring them to you.
This is so fun.  You might be my favorite friend.
Let's play hide and seek and give 'high fives' under the slide.  Still have one of your shoes.
Hi Moms!!!  We aren't ready to go yet!
I love my buddy.

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