Sunday, May 8, 2011

Easter...One week late

Well, I am a bit late in getting this done.  Shocker.  I can't imagine why ... let's see:  work, a 2 year old, getting gardens ready, birthday party, planning a 2 year old birthday party, catching up with Nona and JimPa, trying to start running again, new fish, getting acquainted with our RV .... So much fun!

So, here it is, our final leg of the RV adventure of 2011, last stop:  Idaho Falls to visit Stephanie and Brad Sammons and their 3 perfect kids (1 dog and 4 cats).  We were welcomed with lots of chatter from the kids and open arms from this sweet sweet family.  Stephanie is Micca's sister and just as sweet and wonderful as Micca has been to me over the many years.   I can't tell you how much I love the ENTIRE DAUER family... They are just indescribably warm and wonderful and REAL people.  We are looking forward to many RV adventures with the Sammons'.  And, I think Katelynn (their oldest) would love to have Matine in her paws for a few more days (she is 8 years old and capable of raising a child on her own... quite the little mother).  

RV in driveway.  Matine being coddled by Kade and Katelynn.

Heaven is the attention of THREE older kids and getting to hold FOUR cats! 

My cat.

Cuddled up and loving her friends.

Cutest couple on the planet ... They are so great.

Easter Morning - they were so excited for the easter egg hunt. 
 Matine had no idea what she was in for Easter morning.  All she knew was that she got to dress up in a dress (just like Katelynn), wear every piece of costume jewelry she had, and wear fancy shoes.  Katelynn made her an easter basket out of paper with her name on it (so sweet).  THEN, she realized there was chocolate in the eggs and it was "game on!"  It was a perfect first Easter memory for our kiddo. 

"Open, more chocolate"

This might be the funniest kid alive.
Kid #3 - Kade is SO funny.  His easter basket was his tool box ... so clever and so fitting.  This kid LOVES To build and construct things and it was so appropriate that he hoard his eggs in his tool box. 

What a FUN week and a great way to end it ... Sammon's family, we will see you sooner than you expect! 

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Michal said...

Love, LOVE Kade's tool box, um, I mean Easter basket. Very clever.

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