Sunday, May 15, 2011

Birthday #2 - Party #1

Well, in true Cottongim fashion, we can't just have one celebration - we had two.  I guess you can expect nothing less from the gal who loves to throw parties, adores her family and friends and generally can't get enough of a good time.   Matine has definitely taken after her mama - she had no qualms about all the fuss this week. 
Matine John - age 2!
the Mill Creek house - perfect place for good times with friends

Our friends Fenton and JP have a great place up Mill Creek and they are in town to fish with Peter this week.  So, they happily invited the whole Clan up to their house on Wednesday the 11th, the actual birthday, for a backyard celebration.  Perfect weather, sunny, lots of room to roam, and of course, some delicious grilled burgers and brats - we have a party!

Matine adored playing with her friend Camille (4).  They literally danced for about 2 hours straight and ran around giggling.  I always knew I would love having a little girl, but to see her act just like a story-book "girl" kills me (in a good way).  She noticed that Camille was wearing flip flops so she wanted her shoes off and to wear flip flops too.  She saw Camille put on her sweater over her dress so she wanted her sweater on.  If Camille took hers off, Matine would request that hers be taken off too.  They played Ring Around the Rosy, danced to the radio, played pretend and generally just sat around making each other laugh and "giggling."  If I could just imbed that beautiful sound in my head and never forget it ... It could end Wars.

Matine and Camille Poncin
Nana Jo!

Nona and Matine share some dip

I got a new barn from Nana Jo!  I love the little animals!

Our sweet sweet friends and masters of the grill.
For Matine, being two means having FUN!  This gal knows how to have a good time and she ensures that everyone around her is having a great time.  If there is a fun game to play, ALL must play it too.  If she's eating something that tastes good, ALL must taste it too.  Now, she ensures that you taste, drink, or play in front of her and she must approve of your methods.  She's has turned into quite the bossy little thing.

I got too close to the candle!  It burned my face!

Her birthday morning started out with her favorite "Cinn-Mon Rolls" (out of the can) and milk.  She loves to sing happy birthday and blow out candles so we did that (numerous times).  Sadly, our morning birthday candle ritual turned a bit gruesome when she got too close to the candles and burned her little nose and eyebrows.  Crying followed.   Even more unfortunate - she did the same thing with her evening party at Mill Creek, but this time we could see and smell her singed hair.
A little more cautious, but still a little burning ...  oops.

She is in HEAVEN this week because she has many little minions to do her bidding.  Sweet "Aunt Shell" is here to just follow her around and love on her for 2 weeks, Grandpa Scott got here last Tuesday and has taken instruction very well since he arrived, and she has her usual team of attendants - Nona, Jim Pa and me and Peter around to make sure life stays in balance.   Oh to be Matine at age 2!  We should all be so lucky.

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