Friday, May 6, 2011

RV is a great way to get around town.

We took the MRC (Mobile Ritz Carlton) to the Rogers' house this weekend ... Just to say hi, watch the baseball game from their backyard, and let Logan actually ride in the "bus." Yes, we are THAT couple ... we drive our RV around town for fun. The dogs dig it and Mattie does too. I sure hope we can drive it more than 1.2 miles this weekend, or next? Seeing something pretty like a river, or mountains, or NOT OUR NEIGHBORS HOUSE from the RV might be cool.

because they are pretty cute too.

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Michal said...

If you ever get the itch, you could just drive your RV on down to Stillwater, America. :) The Shaw family may actually be heading your direction sometime in August...planning to try and visit an uncle in Wyoming and take Wade to Yellowstone. My boys have never been to THE park. I feel it's high time they have the Wyoming/Montana experience. I'll let you know when we have dates firmed up...would be fun to see you if you're not on safari. :)

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