Friday, April 29, 2011

RV Adventures - Viva Las Vegas!

We did it.  We drove the RV down Las Vegas Boulevard and went into casinos with our child.  We are awesome parents!

The lights, the fountains, the freaks ... oh the spectacle of it all!  We are pretty sure Matine loves it too.  I thought maybe it was time to leave when a "person" who looked very much like a woman but had a large / thick beard that was very much like a man with an albino snack wrapped around her neck walked past us and Matine's eyes got HUGE and her mouth opened like when she's excited and she says, "MORE SNAKE!"   She liked the Elvis that was "prepping" for his act in the middle of the street and had no qualms about applying his deodorant and spraying himself down with something that smelled like Axe Body Spray in front of us all before he could begin.  She liked the man in the bikini, the highschool drummers, the woman selling with bunny rabbits in baby carriages who was selling "pictures with the bunnies" for $5/ piece.   She smiled and starting talking to the strangers standing next to us as we waited for the Bellagio fountains to go off.  She was as elated as I was when the music started and the routine was to "Viva Las Vegas."  It was a priceless moment, showing our daughter another part of the beautiful and crazy world.  I cried.

On the road again ... No more green California.

This is just about as disgustingly American as our $5/gallon diesel guzzling RV.  God Bless America!

Did you know there is over-sized RV parking just outside the Mirage? It only took us 45 minutes of scary driving to find it!

First Stop - the MGM Grand to see the Lions!  Matine loved them.

Taking it all in!

 Matine probably would have been happy just being in a Mall in Tulsa.  It was the escalators that were her favorite part of the Vegas.   The stroller was also a hit and she loved to get in and out of it, buckle "myself" and then sprint as fast as she could down the sidewalks.   All I wanted to do was play a round of Craps or two, but we ran out of time and Matine was not allowed at the tables.... bummer!

Look Ma, I'm in Vegas!

Waiting for the Water Show to start.  We could barely get her to interrupt her conversation with the lady on our right so we could take a picture.   She was explaining to her something about lights, water, ducks and milk.

The Chihuly glass in the Bellagio ( mom's favorite)

The Family who RV's together stays together!

Finally, some nice cold milk!  I am delirious and thirsty parents! 
Next stop, Idaho Falls! 

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